Pompeo rages at reporter for just asking about Ukraine

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Demand Mitch McConnell allow witnesses at Trump’s impeachment trial!


Today’s Top Stories:

Mike Pompeo erupts in curse-filled rage at NPR reporter after she asks him about Ukraine

After the reporter brought up Ukraine, Pompeo ended the interview — and then blew his top in highly embarrassing fashion.

Take Action: Demand Pompeo and Esper testify about Trump’s OBVIOUS LIES about assassinating Iranian General

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Nadler uses Graham’s own 1999 clip against him on the Senate floor

The hypocritical senator’s word’s came back to haunt him.

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MLK’s daughter burns Eric Trump after he says no family in history has been harassed more than his
Bernice King saw the Trump son’s outrageous martyr act and quickly set him straight.

GOP Senator claims on CNN that Trump’s Ukraine scandal was about stopping corruption but can’t name a single time he has cared about it
Sen. James Lankford clearly forgot that on networks that are NOT Fox News, anchors will ask for evidence to back up your statements.

Take Action: Demand McConnell admit damning new evidence from Giuliani’s henchman at Trump’s impeachment trial!

Democrats conclude opening impeachment argument with overwhelming evidence to convict and remove Trump from office
In their final day of arguments, House Democrats presented their case alleging Trump obstructed Congress.

Pentagon admits 34 U.S. troops suffered traumatic brain injuries after Trump called them “headaches”
Days after the president claimed that the injuries were “not serious,” the military quietly corrected the record.

Take Action: Revoke Trump’s ability to wage war on Iran without Congressional approval

Election year is here!

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Letter shows White House wouldn’t provide documents to agency investigating Ukraine aid
Trump is refusing to cooperate with GAO accountability in yet another coverup of his crimes.

Trump tweets photoshopped image of Obama spying on him at Trump Tower
The president pulled out one of his favorite conspiracy theories to smear his predecessor and distract the nation from his trial.

Twitter explodes in mockery after Trump tweets a “Space Force” logo apparently stolen from Star Trek
Social media users immediately saw the resemblance and began roasting the president for the plagiarism.

Trump whines to donors about how the dog from Baghdadi raid got more credit than he did
Trump can’t fathom how a noble creature that participated in a daring raid got more accolades than the man who watched it on television.


Today’s Action: Make Senate Republicans regret their sham trial

Every Republican in the Senate is culpable for aiding Trump and Mitch McConnell in this historic sham of an impeachment trial. In addition to voting down a guarantee of witnesses, we have reports of Republicans leaving arguments early, talking, sleeping, and doing crossword puzzles during the Democratic presentation of evidence.

You should already be making daily phone calls to your Senators to demand a fair and transparent trial that includes witnesses – but now it’s time to start the efforts to VOTE OUT the Republicans who have allowed this travesty.

We only need to gain four seats to retake control of the Senate. SwingLeft has identified the seven most vulnerable Senate seats (“Super States”) in the 2020 election. Take action TODAY to register Democratic voters in those states, in-person or from your home!

Each Senate seat identified by SwingLeft has in-person and remote opportunities to register voters. Canvas to register voters if you live locally, or make calls or write letters to reach those voters from the comfort of your own home. If you live in a state with two safely Democratic Senators, or a state that is nowhere close to flipping blue, this is the best way to change the make-up of Senate leadership.

We must hold Republicans accountable for the cover-up they are conducting. And while history may remember their crimes appropriately, it’s the present-day that we’re concerned about: we want them out before they have a chance to cause even more damage.

Take action today to show the GOP we’re watching and responding. If Republicans won’t take their jobs and obligations seriously, we’ll replace them with people who will.

We only need four seats to flip the Senate back to Democratic, showing Republicans how we feel about their cover-up impeachment trial. Sign up today to register voters in person, over the phone, or via snail mail in the states with the most vulnerable Senate seats.

ELECTING 46: This week’s 2020 primary roundup

RCP Polling Averages

Biden 28.9% | Sanders 22.7% | Warren 14.6% | Bloomberg 7.6% | more…

Biden 20% | Sanders 19.3% | Buttigieg 16.8% | Warren 16.3% | more…

New Hampshire
Sanders 21.6% | Biden 17.6% | Buttigieg 14.8% | Warren 14% | more…

Biden 25% | Sanders 19.3% | Warren 14.7% | Buttigieg 7.7% | more…

South Carolina
Biden 32% | Sanders 15% | Warren 14% | Steyer 8.3% | more…

Betting Odds
Biden 35.6% | Sanders 33.6% | Bloomberg 12.5% | Warren 11.3% | more…

FiveThirtyEight Odds of Nomination
Biden 38% | Sanders 27% | No one 17% | Warren 11% | Buttigieg 8% | All others 0.5%

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to stop a protected environmental treasure be destroyed to expand Trump’s gaudy golf course, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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