Prince Harry’s answer to Trump wedding invite sets off alarms

Tell Trump & Congress: Stop neglecting Puerto Rico and get these Americans the help they need.

Out with the (Grand) Old (Party), In with the New (Democratic Congress)

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Harry Wedding

Prince Harry is asked if he’s inviting Trump to his wedding, and his answer sets off alarms
He finally got asked the question on everyone’s mind… especially Trump’s.

A top Democratic Congressman surprises everyone by agreeing with President Trump
The Democratic Representative’s unexpected statement is making waves across the internet.


Get the gear that’s got Trump’s panties in a bunch
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Mike Pence

Mike Pence is greeted with an unpleasant surprise at his vacation home in Colorado
The vice president arrived for a week of relaxation, but this sign on a neighboring house killed that plan.

Take Action: Help fight homophobia in our communities. Read this guide on 10 ways you can support gay rights. Help fight homophobia in our communities. Read this guide on 10 ways you can support gay rights.

Sources reveal the drunken moment that set off the Trump-Russia investigation
The humiliating true story of what sparked the FBI’s probe into Trump’s campaign is finally public.

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Trump Tweet

Trump recklessly antagonizes Iran in a series of hypocritical tweets
The president’s hypocrisy truly knows no bounds – as does his stunning disregard for anything resembling diplomatic behavior.

Sheriff Clarke posts a ludicrous tweet desperate for Trump’s approval
The internet cringed as the disgraced sheriff tried to take a page out of Trump’s playbook.

Out with the (Grand) Old (Party), In with the New (Democratic Congress)

Tonight ends a year unlike any our country has ever known. The corruption in Washington has dwarfed Watergate, and the fabric of our nation has faced a degree of internal threats unseen since the Civil War.

Nevertheless, we persisted.

And that’s not all. Oftentimes, we won. That’s not to say Trump and his congressional enablers didn’t cause serious and lasting suffering for the people and institutions it ostensibly serves — because they did. But even as Republicans in Congress abdicated their obligation to provide a check on the Trump regime, the OD Action community and millions of our friends and neighbors across the country made our voices heard and became that check.

We stopped the destruction of the Affordable Care Act and shined a light on the Republican assault on our institutions. We won elections, forced an unprecedented number GOP Members of Congress into retirement, and made sure that if Republicans forced through their insidious tax scam, the people would see it for what it truly is and make it the most unpopular bill to be signed into law in U.S. history — one Republicans must wear around their necks going forward.

We have fought hard and won more than we could have reasonably hoped. Now, it’s time to take things up a notch.

In 2017 we played defense, stopping the Trump tyranny from fully taking hold.

In 2018, we’ll add offense to the mix and fire the cowardly elected officials who failed to uphold their most basic responsibilities to us and the Constitution.

Across the nation, an unprecedented crop of real progressive leaders stands poised to take down newly vulnerable Republicans in Congress. We have already set the stage, and they’ll need our help to seal the deal.

So stay tuned, get ready to go to work, and be sure to celebrate tonight. Because at the stroke of midnight, it’s an election year.

And it’s ours to win.