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Top Stories for August 15:

Sen. Rand Paul aims to repeal Espionage Act to save Trump

Settle down, folks. It obviously isn’t a crime if crooks in Congress retroactively repeal the laws you’ve so clearly broken.

Take Action: Prosecute Trump for stealing classified documents from the White House!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican lawmaker goes down in flames when asked one simple question

Rep. Mike Turner, the TOP Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, defended the disgraced ex-president’s infamous removal of classified documents from the White House while admitting he personally would never commit such an obviously dangerous and illegal act.

Take Action: Tell Congress to force political groups to disclose their wealthy backers!

Will Trump be barred from running in 2024?

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow…

Threats against government officials, law enforcement on the rise following FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search
DOJ and Homeland Security officials identified multiple articulated threats and calls for the targeted killing of judicial, law enforcement, and government officials associated with the Palm Beach search, driven in part by incendiary statements from Republican lawmakers themselves.

Take Action: Demand Merrick Garland punish Trump and his fans for threatening Jan. 6 witnesses!

Marjorie Taylor Greene floats bananas theory on why white men love porn
The QAnon conspiracy theorist said white men — “the most persecuted identity in America” — are turning to porn and video games because discrimination has left them with few other options. Did you hear that? Persecuted!

US could see a new “extreme heat belt” by 2053

An “extreme heat belt” stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to as far north as Chicago is taking shape, potentially impacting more than 107 million people over the next 30 years, according to new data on the country’s heat risks.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to declare a climate emergency!

Trump wants “privileged” documents lawfully seized by FBI returned immediately
The serial con man’s slippery grasp on American law, including executive privilege and ex-presidential powers, was on full display in his bumbling Truth Social statement posted online.

Tim Ryan pulls Republicans’ biggest advantage away from them

OD Action Partner: The Ohio Senate candidate is speaking to rural working families in a way few Democrats have been able to do — and they’re listening. United Rural Democrats helps spread his message in hard areas.

Rep. Adam Schiff pours cold water on Trump’s claim that he “declassified” documents scooped up in FBI search
The FBI took 11 sets of classified documents, some of which were designated top secret or top secret/sensitive compartmented information. The disgraced ex-president’s team has produced no evidence as of yet that any of the recovered documents were previously declassified.

Man with gun crashes vehicle into barricade near Supreme Court, dies by suicide
Richard Aaron York, 29, died from a self-inflicted gunshot after he crashed his car into a barricade in the nation’s capital early Sunday morning, according to Capitol Police. The incident comes just days after an armed, right-wing gunman attempted to breach an FBI office in Cincinnati before engaging police in a fatal firefight.

Nonprofit group has wiped out $6.7 billion in medical debt, and it’s just getting started
RIP Medical Debt, started by former debt collectors, boomed during the pandemic, freeing patients of medical debt, thousands of people at a time. Its novel approach involves buying bundles of delinquent hospital bills — debts incurred by low-income patients — and then simply erasing the obligation to repay them.


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What in the world


Today’s Action: Get out the abortion vote!

Your involvement in local politics this year could mean the difference between American women having access to legal, safe abortions or further criminalization of life-saving, reproductive healthcare.

At least 21 states are preparing for crucial elections this fall for state Supreme Court justices, governorships, and statehouses that could turn the tide in the fight for abortion rights. The overturning of Roe v. Wade placed the lives of birth-givers throughout the country at even greater risk, with those in red states subjected to extremist trigger laws designed to force unwanted and dangerous pregnancies. We must ensure that no more anti-choice conservatives are elected to public office — lives quite literally depend on it.

Outcomes in upcoming elections will help determine how and where county sheriffs will enforce abortion bans and investigate pregnancies, whether or not county prosecutors will pursue abortion cases in general, and the fate of state constitutional protections altogether.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to plug into your local politics and find out who is going to stand up for abortion rights in your community. Check out this guide for just a few of the upcoming elections. Find the best candidates that will protect reproductive care in your community for years to come and help put them in office!

Make sure you’re prepared for upcoming elections and vote for candidates who will fight for comprehensive abortion care in America!


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