Recurring monthly checks for struggling families until the pandemic is over!

We are nearing the twelve-month mark of our worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Millions of people have lost their jobs, and food and housing access. And the pandemic is more bleak than ever before, half a million Americans dead and rising.

Although Congress is about to issue a third stimulus check, the grand total of this support does not come close to covering a year of basic needs for struggling families. 

But recurring monthly checks would.

Add your name to demand Congress and President Biden pass recurring monthly cash assistance for struggling families until the end of the pandemic!

At least eight million people have fallen into poverty since this pandemic started – and with the vaccine half-a-year away, that number will continue to grow. These numbers disproportionately include Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities – and many people of color are frontline workers but do not have access to unemployment insurance.

The economic toll of this pandemic could take generations to overcome – but it doesn’t have to if Congress and President Biden recognize the most effective way to keep families safe, fed, and housed. 

Sign here to demand recurring month checks for the families who need it the most!


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