Red state virus cases spike after right wing protests

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Tell Trump to stop self-congratulating and scapegoating and get hospitals the tools they need to save lives!


Today’s Top Stories:

Kentucky reports highest coronavirus infection increase after a week of right-wing protests to reopen state

Gov. Beshear on reopening state early: “Folks, that would kill people. It would absolutely kill people.”

Take Action: Tell governors to ignore Trump’s ignorant decries on “reopening” their states. The president is not a dictator!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Steve Mnuchin humiliated himself for Trump over signed stimulus checks

The Treasury Secretary jumped on the grenade to protect the president, but nobody’s buying it.

Take Action: Still waiting for your stimulus check? The IRS has provided this site (note that some users may get errors… this is the Trump administration after all. But it’s the best we’ve got right now.)

Check out this week’s episode: How Trump is infecting American democracy with a deadly virus of his own

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Trump Sunday press briefing: exposing grudges, insulting reporters, and self-indulgent back-patting
President also managed to inject juvenile sexual innuendo into press briefing.

Take Action: Tell Trump: Stop attacking the media and get responders what they need to COMBAT THE PANDEMIC!

Heroes: Healthcare workers stand in street to block right-wing protest against stay-at-home order
Egged on by Trump, angry protesters endanger frontline healthcare heroes.

Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan slams Trump on coronavirus testing claim: ‘absolutely false’
GOP gov joins growing number of state leaders hammering Trump on testing

Trump finally concedes to governors, will use Defense Production Act to increase swab production amid testing shortage outrage
Bipartisan chorus of state leaders have been asking Trump to increase testing capacity for weeks. It’s too late for thousands and still far from enough.

Election year is here!

OD Action partner: Say goodbye to Trump forever with gear that tells him how you really feel.

Trump boasts he likely saved ‘billions’ of lives… in a nation with 330 million people
President great at bloviating, not so good at math.

U.S. officials at WHO relayed real-time coronavirus information to Trump administration, undercutting WH narrative
The corrupt White House was so desperate for a scapegoat, they went after the very people who gave them the warning they ignored.

Fox News host takes Pence to task over Trump ‘fomenting rebellion’ during the pandemic
Pence under fire, won’t answer why president is encouraging protesters to undermine own federal coronavirus guidelines.

Biden wins mail-in Wyoming Democratic presidential caucus in proof that elections can be run safely
Successful, statewide mail-in primary throws cold water on Trump claims of widespread voter fraud.

Trump admits he didn’t pick Romney for White House task force because he holds a grudge against the senator
In the midst of worst pandemic in a century, the president is keeping personal grievances front and center.

Trump tries to question Speaker Pelosi’s intellect. She claps back with a jibe at his failed leadership
Pelosi: “Frankly, I don’t pay that much attention to the president’s tweets against me. As I’ve said, he’s a poor leader… his earlier delay and denial caused deaths.”

Pressured by White House, FDA eased standards in hunt for Trump’s “miracle drug” to fight coronavirus
FDA chief of staff: “Potentially serious issues with product so let’s be careful when we take that win.”

Shake Shack gets funding, to return paycheck protection loan
Large corporations sucked dry the funds intended to keep small businesses afloat, and so far, just one company has stepped up to do the right thing.

Bernie pens impassioned op-ed on the “absurdity and cruelty” of U.S. healthcare system, reaffirms commitment to Biden
“Many in our country are now beginning to rethink the basic assumptions underlying the American value system,” Sanders wrote.



Today’s Action: Housing for homeless during stay-at-home mandates

The state of California has been under a stay-at-home mandate since March 19. But California also has over 150,000 individuals currently experiencing homelessness, which means staying-at-home is an impossibility. For residents lacking a home, the pandemic poses a heightened risk with no place to safely shelter, bathe, or quarantine…or, the equally dangerous choice to enter the crowded shelter system rife with infection.

This is why the City of San Francisco has passed an emergency measure to house its homeless community in 7,000 empty hotel rooms, and the City of Los Angeles is moving toward a similar goal.

Call or email your mayor, state legislators, and governor, and ask them to follow San Francisco’s lead by providing hotel housing for anyone experiencing homelessness during “stay at home” mandates. 

Protecting individuals without housing isn’t *simply* the humane thing to do (though this should be reason enough to move forward with providing hotel housing). It’s also a necessary step towards flattening the overall curve of infection in our communities and protecting our social workers and caretakers who work in shelters.

People experiencing homelessness in our country are among the most vulnerable, ostracized, misunderstood, and forgotten residents of our communities. Let us protect them now, though we have failed them in the past.

Email or call your city mayor, state representatives, and governor, and direct them toward San Francisco and Los Angeles’s hotel-housing solution for keeping individuals experiencing homelessness safe during stay-at-home mandates – and remind them group homeless shelters are not safe options for clients or employees at this time.

PS: Check the status of and input bank account information for your stimulus check here. Note: many people are receiving “Payment Status Not Available” messages, despite being qualified. There are many reasons for this message, including that the federal government simply hasn’t gotten to your position in the cue yet and, frankly, that they’re still stumbling through kinks in the rollout.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding Trump stop scapegoating and get hospitals the tools they need to save lives, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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