Redistricting surprise is MAJOR help for Democrats

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US surpasses 700,000 COVID deaths

Top Stories for October 2:

As redistricting gets under way, Democrats’ prospects looking brighter

As Republicans try to pick their voters, they’re finding that there are too many Democrats to ignore.

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Biden floats roughly $2 trillion price tag for reconciliation
With a price tag palatable to moderates, the legislation remains the most progressive fiscal package since the New Deal.

Texas’ abortion ban suddenly set to BACKFIRE on Republicans

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Former Trump press secretary details how Jared and Ivanka hijacked the White House’s COVID response
After years of being complicit in the destruction of US democracy, Stephanie Grisham is ratting out her former friends because that’s where the wind is blowing.

Thousands of school board members urge Biden to protect them from threatening right wing conspiracy theorists
In some instances, educators are facing down Trump supporters doing Nazi salutes.

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Former US soldier arrested for breaching Capitol on Jan 6 in full tactical gear


Poll: Most Trump want “to split the country” in two
“A” for effort.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to cancel Trump’s deadly Line 3 oil pipeline!

America’s race crisis through the lens of one man and his dog

American Refugee: A black man walks his pit bull through a white neighborhood. What could go wrong? LISTEN.

House GOP aide targeted in latest subpoenas from Jan. 6 select committee
The House has rarely turned its subpoena power on its own. Then again, its own has rarely aided and abetted an attack on its grounds with the intent of overthrowing American democracy at the behest of a sitting president.

Rudy Giuliani admits under oath that his voter fraud “evidence” came from Facebook
For those of you betting “his own ass,” good guess, but wrong.

Take Action: Tell Facebook to end its algorithm that spreads disinformation NOW!

Gavin Newsom signs police accountability law to keep troubled cops out of law enforcement
Good start.

Maricopa 2020 auditors “made up” numbers, election analysts say
They say “numbers don’t lie.” Republicans cannot relate.


Pandemic in our power…



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