Kick Trump off Twitter for using it to inspire a coup

It is an understatement to say Trump is a liar, and that his Twitter feed reflects this. For four years, we’ve dealt with his damaging and deadly misinformation freely spread far and wide across the social media platform, with little-to-no restrictions from Twitter itself.

But now, faced with a decisive election loss, Trump is using Twitter to gather support for a takeover. Refusing to concede or transfer power, Trump has encouraged his supporters (some of whom are armed and members of extremist groups) to rally and resist, called on officials (properly following state election laws) to resign, and made a slew of false statements to erode trust in our elections system. Trump is executing a coup using Twitter.

Add your name to demand Twitter remove Donald Trump from the platform, for using the platform to move forward a coup.

Twitter has taken the step of adding warnings to Trump’s lying tweets. But when we’re dealing with a government takeover, we’re well beyond adding links to election facts.

CEO Jack Dorsey must take the responsible step of removing a dangerous criminal from Twitter’s platform.

Sign here to demand Trump’s account is removed from Twitter for using it to inspire a coup. 


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