Demand the officers who shot an unarmed, pregnant Black woman five times be fired!


Top Stories for June 1:

Marjorie Taylor Greene claims straight people face extinction

“Probably in about four or five generations, no one will be straight anymore,” declared the anti-LGBTQ bigot in yet another astonishing rant.

Take Action: Arrest and prosecute Trump’s criminal allies now!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: CNN anchor Jim Acosta absolutely destroys NRA board member during bombshell interview

“Isn’t this blood on your hands?” demanded the veteran reporter in a heated exchange with a gun fanatic.

Republicans pull HORRIFIC stunt after Texas shooting

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unbelievable.

Uvalde police no longer cooperating with state probe of school massacre
The appalling cowardice of the Uvalde police continues as the department shifts into cover-up mode.

Take Action: Tell Congress: Ban assault rifles!

State official squashes Uvalde police attempt to blame a teacher for the massacre
Yet another hole is poked in the Uvalde police’s thin and constantly changing stories as a state investigator concludes a teacher did not leave a door open to the building before last week’s deadly school shooting, contrary to the local police narrative.

Take Action: Fire the Uvalde police who stood around for 40 minutes while children were dying!

Kansas City police shoot pregnant Black woman in parking lot responding to alleged carjacking

Leonna Hale was shot five times in the back after she told the police she was pregnant. The police have said her pregnancy, which is visible from the photos, is a rumor they cannot confirm due to HIPPA, which does not apply to police. She now has a collapsed lung.

Take Action: Tell the Senate: We need Medicare for All!

SCOTUS blocks Texas’ social media “censorship” law
The Supreme Court’s decision means that Texas can’t enforce a new law that would allow Texans to sue tech giants like Meta and YouTube over their content moderation policies, which they falsely accuse of being biased against conservatives. In reality, they are biased *towards* conservatives.

Ron Johnson under fire for throwing Wisconsin kids to the wolves

OD Action partner: Wisconsin is waking up to the horrors of their Republican senator, but we all need to do our part to flip this Senate seat blue!

Russia takes most of Sievierodonetsk city in eastern Ukraine
The brutal war in Ukraine continues to rage as Russia begins making progress once again.

Two Republican congressmen believed to have violated ethics laws
Congressional investigators have found “substantial reason to believe” Republican Reps. Pat Fallon and John Rutherford violated a federal stock law.

Three shot at high school graduation in Louisiana
The Republican refusal to do anything about gun violence continues to reap its bloody toll.

Disney defends Moses Ingram after racist fans harass the Black star of new “Obi-Wan Kenobi” miniseries
Disney responded to the disgusting outcry from racist neckbeards, man-babies, and nerf-herders, tweeting, “There are more than 20 million sentient species in the Star Wars galaxy, don’t choose to be a racist.”


Asian in America

Cereal box law degrees


Today’s Action: Pass the Equality Act for Pride Month!

June is Pride Month, the time we pay tribute to those involved in the Stonewall riots of 1969, celebrate our LGBTQ+ communities, and spotlight the ongoing fight for true equality.

Waves of transphobic and homophobic legislation have been advancing through GOP-controlled state legislatures throughout the country, while the Equality Act is unsurprisingly stuck in the muck that is the US Senate. Conservatives emboldened by Donald Trump’s normalization of brazen discrimination are waging relentless war on LGBTQ+ communities, attempting to undo decades of hard-fought progress. The best way to show support this Pride Month is demanding our senators pass the Equality Act immediately, and finally deliver basic protections to LGBTQ+ people.

Call (202.224.3121) or email your senators and tell them to join 72% of Americans in supporting H.R. 5, the Equality Act this Pride Month!

Anti-LGBTQ+ bills ramrodded through state legislatures go against best practices defined by leading medical professionals and wage war on already marginalized, vulnerable youth. Hundreds of bigoted, anti-LGBTQ+ bills have made the rounds in state legislatures this year alone. In Idaho, lawmakers threatened to jail librarians who “let” minors check out “harmful” materials (the only content mentioned was LGBTQ+, of course.) Legislation that the Human Rights Campaign called “the most anti-transgender legislative package ever passed” made it all the way to the desk of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey for signature this year. We cannot allow our elected officials to continue normalizing oppression and legalizing hate.

This draconian legislation is not just simply designed to deny basic protections to LGBTQ+ people, it is openly encouraging power-hungry GOP ringleaders to wage war on their very existence. Conservatives have been scapegoating and persecuting the oppressed for centuries under the guise of religious freedom. The ability to persecute others is not something that makes America “free.” What is important is the ability for all, regardless of identity, to live an equitable life. We clearly have a long way to go to fulfill that promise. Enough is enough.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your senators and demand they pass the Equality Act!


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