Trump camp caught funneling cash to Don Jr’s girlfriend

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Fire Ben Carson for putting American lives in jeopardy!


Today’s Top Stories:

New report reveals how Trump campaign funds are being funneled to Don Jr.’s girlfriend

A series of payments from Trump’s campaign manager’s “consulting” firm reveals the stunning extent of Trump family corruption.

Take Action: Demand an investigation into Ivanka and Jared’s corrupt profiteering off Trump’s presidency!

Trump team presser on coronavirus crisis fails to share substantial information or plans
Two weeks after promising the nation they had everything “under control,” the White House still cannot — or will not — answer basic questions about the virus’ spread.

Take Action: Trump fired America’s pandemic response team. Demand he reassemble it to confront the coronavirus pandemic immediately!

Check out this week’s episode: The one Super Tuesday result that has trump terrified…no matter who the nominee is

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Twitter explodes as virus-quarantined Republican Rep faces his mortality in cringey post
Social media had a field day roasting Rep. Paul Gosar for his highly embarrassing and childish musings about life and death.

Trump’s denialist tweets are the coronavirus reaction we feared
The president tweeted misinformation about coronavirus and the stock market — showing just how in denial he is about the threat from the disease.

Take Action: This is no time for Republicans to deny science! Demand funding to comabt the deadly coronavirus NOW

Trump brags about high flu death toll in backfired attempt to downplay coronavirus risks
The president only highlighted his own failures in a desperate attempt to absolve himself of responsibility.

Hotel owner Donald Trump weighs bailout of hotel, airline, and cruise industries
The president is moving quickly to stabilize the economy — by conveniently bailing out an industry from which he profits.

Election year is here!

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Incoming Chief of Staff Mark Meadows announces coronavirus self-quarantine
In a statement, Meadows’ office said he would be in quarantine until Wednesday.

Rep. Matt Gaetz to self-quarantine after coronavirus exposure at CPAC
Gaetz is among the Republican lawmakers who have begun a 14-day quarantine amid the COVID-19 outbreak after attending the conservative political conference.

Dow sinks 2,000 points in worst day since 2008, S&P 500 drops more than 7%
The Dow Jones Industrial Average sank as fears about the spread of the new coronavirus and an oil price war sent investors scrambling out of stocks.

Prince Andrew has ‘shut the door’ on cooperating in Epstein probe, prosecutor says
Federal investigators have been trying for months to speak with Andrew, a longtime friend of Epstein’s who has been accused by one woman of sexual abuse.

Trump delays intel report that warns the U.S. isn’t ready for global pandemic
Rather than address the problem, the president is trying to conceal the truth.


Today’s Action: Urge Congress to protect the ACA

Republicans are once again working to overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Obama’s legacy healthcare legislation which provides lifesaving medical insurance for tens of millions of Americans. And this time, they’re really close to achieving it unless we push hard to stop them.

In 2017, Congress set the penalty for not holding insurance at $0. This calculated move set the stage for a coalition of red states to argue that the entire ACA is now unconstitutional and should be shut down.

Which is legally dubious as it is heartless. But unfortunately, the case has been heard by a string of conservative judges, and now sits with the similarly right-leaning Supreme Court. We can’t hope the Supreme Court, with a stolen conservative majority, saves the day. We need to go instead where we’ve had success in the past: Congress.

Call or email your Members of Congress and urge them to introduce legislation that protects the Affordable Care Act from the absurd lawsuit attacking its constitutionality over removal of the individual mandate.

The ACA remains popular and vital in the lives of voters across the aisle. And Republicans know that the fight to protect healthcare cost them the House in 2018. That’s why this is a battle worth investing in – not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we consistently have seen the GOP listen and respond on this topic out of fear.

The legislation to resolve this frivolous lawsuit and keep the ACA intact can be simple; separating the individual mandate from the rest of the law.

But the Supreme Court has pushed their decision down the road, so that we won’t get a decision until after the November elections…which means we’ve got to work extra hard to raise awareness on this issue now, since the consequences won’t hit until well after the Presidential and Congressional races have concluded.

Let’s get to work.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and ask them to draft legislation that keeps the Affordable Care Act intact regardless of the outcome of the frivolous lawsuit attacking its constitutionality over the individual mandate.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to fire Ben Carson for putting American lives in jeopardy, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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