Republican Party confesses to election fraud

Demand Trump stop holding emergency pandemic aid hostage and let Congress get Americans the relief we need!


Top Stories for October 13:

After complaining about nonexistent voter fraud, the California GOP commits election fraud

Republican operatives admitted setting up ballot drop boxes with fake “official” labels on them. That’s illegal.

Take Action: Make sure your voter registration is accurate and that you have all information you need to vote in the coming election.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fed up Chris Wallace rips Republican hypocrisy on Supreme Court nomination on air

The Fox News host rightfully points out the staggering double standard GOP senators have applied in their efforts to rush a conservative justice to the high court bench just weeks before Trump faces voters in November.

Take Action: Tell the Senate: No new Supreme Court Justice until AFTER inauguration!

Trump puts re-election in jeopardy with MASSIVE misstep

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: It’s going to be impossible to recover from this.

Dr. Fauci: The Trump campaign is “in effect, harassing me”
The nation’s top infectious disease expert says there is “not a chance” he quits the task force. But he’s openly angry with how he’s being politicized by the president.

Take Action: Tell Trump to STOP contradicting Dr. Fauci with lies that could get people killed!

Johnson & Johnson pauses vaccine clinical trials over participant’s illness
The trial was paused in compliance with regulatory standards after an “unexplained” illness in one of its participants, the company said.

Texas Appeals Court, all Trump nominees, OKs governor’s limit on ballot drop-off locations
Right wing political hacks in robes agreed to enable Republicans’ voter suppression efforts in the red-turned-purple state.

Senator Gary Peters shares family’s heart-wrenching abortion story, the first sitting senator to do so
Michigan Sen. Gary Peters is the first sitting senator in history to publicly share a personal abortion experience — that of his first wife Heidi. “It’s important for folks who are willing to tell these stories to tell them, especially now.”

Election year is here!

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Leaked documents show Fox News hustling to prove non-existent voter fraud
A seemingly innocuous project to chronicle “election irregularities” feels like “an attempt to push more baseless conspiracy theories” for Trump, insiders told The Daily Beast.

Senate Republicans scramble to put Trump at arm’s length
Facing increasingly grim poll numbers that show a widening advantage for Biden, Senate GOPers desperate to save their majority are beginning to distance themselves from the president just weeks before Election Day.

Trump’s children regularly directing Secret Service money to the family business with their visits
Secret Service agents are assigned to protect the president’s children. But, for the Trump family business, their visits also bring a hidden side benefit — money.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Last day to register to vote – and to get others registered – in many states!

12 states and we-hope-soon-to-be-a-state Washington D.C. have voter registration deadlines THIS WEEK. It’s either your last chance to register, or your final day to register in a certain way.

Every state has different hoops to jump through, so be sure to check your state’s rules and CLICK HERE to confirm your registration/register to vote NOW! We’ve got three weeks to vote Trump out.

District of Columbia – TODAY

Illinois – Sunday, October 18

Kansas – TODAY (last chance!)

Louisiana – TODAY (last chance, online only!)

Maine – TODAY

Maryland – TODAY

Minnesota – TODAY

Nebraska – Friday, October 16

New Jersey – TODAY (last chance!)

Oregon – TODAY (last chance!)

Virginia – TODAY (last chance!)

West Virginia – TODAY (last chance!)

Wisconsin – Tomorrow, October 14

Already registered? Help spread the word! Share these deadlines with your friends, family, and communities. Call, email, and share on social media!

And finally… every Democrat in swing states with early registration deadlines or restrictive voter eligibility qualifications needs your help to Get Out The Vote for those who were able to register. Vote Forward has bumped their goal from 10 million GOTV letters to 15 million…but the mail date is THIS SATURDAY! Adopt 20 voters today and get writing!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding Trump stop holding emergency pandemic aid hostage and let Congress get Americans the relief we need, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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