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Top Stories for November 28:

Trumped up GOP state voter fraud units come up empty handed in midterms

State-level law enforcement units created by sore-loser Republicans after the 2020 presidential election to investigate supposed voter fraud have found no indication of systemic problems more than two weeks after the midterms — precisely as election experts predicted.

Take Action: Charge the Trump supporters who compromised ballot machines!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump snaps, has full meltdown over Kanye West

Trump’s ham-handed and clumsy efforts to twist his disastrous Mar-a-Lago dinner with Ye and white nationalist Nick Fuentes into some sort of virtuous event was pathetic by even his own abysmal standards.

Elon Musk’s far-right Twitter gamble backfires

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Trump is “descending deeper into heart of darkness,” former Mike Pence aide warns
For seven years, Trump’s enablers stood by as he poisoned American democracy, but now that he’s proven to be an electoral liability, suddenly, they can no longer abide. What a coincidence! Let none of these people off the hook as they jump from the sinking ship they willfully boarded years ago to great personal benefit.

Take Action: Don’t let Republicans starve critical investments in children and healthcare!

Ex-prison warden faces trial over horrific inmate abuse allegations
Ray J. Garcia, the former warden of an abuse-plagued federal women’s prison near Oakland, California, known as the “rape club,” goes on trial today, accused of molesting inmates and forcing them to pose naked in their cells throughout his horrific tenure.

Take Action: Demand Congress put an end to private prisons!

“Collapse” in home prices is coming, experts say

The residential real estate market has screeched to a halt as mortgage rates have reached 7%, and economists increasingly believe home prices are about to drop significantly.

Take Action: Tell Congress to bring back the Expanded Child Tax Credit!

Bernie Sanders vows to “stand with rail workers” as Republican says Congress will prevent strike
Rail works are facing intense congressional pressure to accept piss-poor terms at the negotiation table with a cabal of powerful, well-connected rail companies. Sanders responded in defiant defense, stating, “Last year, the rail industry made a record-breaking $20 billion in profits after cutting their workforce by 30% over the last six years. Meanwhile, rail workers have ZERO guaranteed paid sick days. Congress must stand with rail workers.” Uh, yeah. What Bernie said…

Rural Georgia is the key to a Warnock win

OD Action Partner: Expanding our Senate majority is critical to protecting all the values we hold dear. Abortion rights, voting rights, LGBTQ+ protections, everything we hold dear is on the line and riding on a Georgia victory. Will you support United Rural Democrats’ efforts to help Senator Warnock fend off a nail-biting challenge from Trump-endorsed, MAGA extremist Herschel Walker?

Ex-prosecutor calls Trump’s latest move a “sign of desperation” as probes intensify
Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner slammed the disgraced ex-president for his “inane accusations” against veteran prosecutor Jack Smith, whom Attorney General Merrick Garland recently appointed to oversee the probes into Trump’s wildly improper handling of classified documents and his ludicrous efforts to illegally overturn the 2020 election.

Protests erupt across China over Xi’s strict zero-COVID rules
Protesters angered by strict anti-virus measures called for China’s powerful leader to resign, an unprecedented rebuke as authorities in at least eight cities struggled to suppress demonstrations Sunday that represent a rare direct challenge to the ruling Communist Party.

House Democratic leaders prepare to pass the torch, avoiding messy leadership fights
Democrats have coalesced around a trio of young leaders to replace House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her team, setting up what looks to be smooth leadership elections Wednesday.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Join Swing Left’s post-election debriefing!

As we continue to navigate the post-midterm election landscape, we need all progressives on the same page. There is a critical need for volunteers across the country to help cure ballots in outstanding races, call voters ahead of Georgia’s runoff election on Dec. 6, and more. Finding out where to plug in can certainly be a challenge. To that end, Blue Victory 2022 is hosting debriefing discussions on what went down during the midterms, where they’ll offer ideas for next steps for grassroots organizing.

With the Georgia runoff just eight days away, there’s no time to waste. Make a commitment to attend one of Blue Victory’s upcoming evening debriefing sessions to find out where you fit in in the progressive fight! The Blue Victory War Room linktree will be updated with relevant events for the Georgia runoff soon. If you can’t attend a debriefing session before Dec. 6, keep an eye out for another event that fits in your schedule!


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