Reunite the immigrant families separated by Trump!

We now know that Trump’s instituted the Zero Tolerance policy at the border with the explicit intention of separating children from their parents, thinking it would be a good way to intimidate future asylum-seekers and migrant families from crossing the border. 

Our disgraced ex-president tore apart more than 5,500 desperate and vulnerable families. And their situation now is as disastrous as it is tragic.

Add your name to ask the Biden Administration work quickly to reunite the families broken apart by Trump.

At least 1000 children are still separated from their parents (many currently in detention camps) but have yet to be reunited.

An additional 500+ are not only separated, but Trump’s mismanagement and lack of care means our government cannot locate the parents. Many have been deported back to their home countries while their children remain locked up here – and in other cases, the children have been deported while the parents languish in Trump’s concentration camps.

President Biden must bring these families back together as quickly as possible – and ensure this type of cruelty never happens again.

Sign here to ask President Biden to prioritize reuniting every single immigrant family separated by Trump’s administration.


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