Tell Biden to revoke Trump’s security clearance after he leaves office!

Trump’s relationship with Russia has been suspect from the beginning. 

From foreign election interference in his favor (and refusal to acknowledge it) to a consistent flattery of Putin…his aggression against NATO combined with his blind-eye approach to Russia’s invasion of Crimea…his dismissal of the murder of American soldiers at Russian hands…

Trump’s backdoor relationship with Russia exists with only one goal in mind: enhancing Trump’s personal fortune and standing. But at what cost? American secrets, of course.

Add your name to demand President-elect Joe Biden refuses to extend Trump’s national security access past January 20th!

American presidents generally keep their security clearance upon leaving office – but it’s not the law, only the tradition. Biden has the chance to discontinue this tradition.

Russia worked very hard to elect Trump in 2016…and with continuing security clearance, Trump will have plenty of classified information to trade for assistance in a 2024 re-election campaign.

Trump is a national security risk, and must be treated accordingly.

Sign here to tell Biden that Trump’s relationship to Russia is too great of a threat for him to receive security clearance after he leaves office!


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