Rick Perry caught spearheading coup attempt

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Biden’s vaccine mandate for large companies reinstated by appeals court, setting up Supreme Court showdown

Top Stories for December 18:

Rick Perry’s phone used to send original coup plot text message, the day after Biden’s election

The previously unnamed source of a text outlining “aggressive tactic” to overturn election was confirmed to be the ex-Texas governor by people with his phone number. Oops.

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Report confirms Trump deliberately sabotaged COVID-19 response for political gain
His own health officials implored him to act aggressively and transparently, but Trump instead sought advice from crackpot doctors and ordered testing guidance altered so fewer cases would be reported to the public.

Republicans’ secret plot to rig election FINALLY exposed

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

New Trump anti-semetic tirade caught on tape
The former president invoked an age-old racist trope about Jews controlling congress and attacked American Jews for abandoning Israel, saying American evangelicals “…love Israel more than the Jews.”

Senate Democrats launch new bid to pass pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
Senate parliamentarian ruled three previous attempts violated the byzantine rules in the upper chamber, but Democratic leaders appear to have a way around this time.

Take Action: Tell the Senate not to cut the Build Back Better Act provisions that end cruelty against undocumented immigrants!

Ron Desantis’ hand-picked “CRT tsar” outed as rabid QAnon conspiracy theorist
The local Miami MAGA activist is well known for spreading anti-vaxx misinformation as well, yet the Florida governor and presidential wannabe keeps giving her a platform.

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Trump supporter sentenced to longest prison term yet for January 6th insurrection
Robert Palmer of Florida will serve 5 years in federal prison for attacking police with a fire hydrant and a wooden plank during the attack on the capitol.

Richard Ojeda FLAMES GQP over TikTok School Shooter Challenge

No Dem Left Behind: The Democratic star blames gun-toting politicians, NRA for TikTok “School Shooter Challenge.”

Republicans reach million-dollar deal to bail out Trump amid legal woes
The self-proclaimed billionaire apparently can’t pay his bills and has gone running to the GOP for up to $1.6 million to help cover mounting legal expenses.

Ex-Fox News pundit says “screw it” and pens scathing essay about network
Jonah Goldberg, one of two conservative commentators who resigned from Fox News last month, ripped the network for whitewashing Trump’s culpability in and downplaying the severity of the MAGA insurrection.

Kamala Harris goes to bat for Biden in contentious interview
Host Charlamagne Tha God tried to blame the president for apparent inaction on his agenda, but Vice President Harris wasn’t having it.

Senate confirms first ever Muslim as religious freedom ambassador
Rashad Hussain will lead the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, the State Department office that monitors religious freedom abroad.

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