Rural governors pile on Trump for blocking supplies


Demand Trump stop withholding lifesaving aid to states because of his petty grudges against governors!


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Rural governors pile on Trump for blocking access to critical lifesaving supplies

We don’t even have enough supplies to do the testing, said Montana’s governor.

Take Action: Don’t believe Trump’s lies about testing. Fact checks show even Italy is testing at three times the rate of the US.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Feud erupts between Trump and Jim Acosta during live press conference

The president melted down when confronted with his own words.

Take Action: Tell Trump to stop attacking the media and get responders what they need to COMBAT THE PANDEMIC!

Check out this week’s episode: Listen to episode 3 of American Refugee: “Immigration Court”

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Maryland’s Republican governor says he is prepared to ignore Trump if he reverts back to his “very harmful”
The messaging would hurt because lots of people would listen to that and say, ‘But [Trump] said it was OK.

MAGA megachurch pastor who flouted virus rules is arrested
The Trump ally has been an outspoken opponent of social distancing requirements, claiming his church has machines that can stop the coronavirus.

Take Action: Be sure you’re doing the five key things to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Trump admits that Republicans will never win another election if more Americans vote
The president let the cat out of the bag about a dirty secret his party has long denied.

The strike wave Is in full swing’: Amazon, Whole Foods workers walk off job to protest unjust and unsafe labor practices
One of the best ways to thank essential workers is to support the fight to improve their lives.

Election year is here!

OD Action partner: Say goodbye to Trump forever with gear that tells him how you really feel.

Italy flattens the curve as daily rise in coronavirus cases falls to lowest rate
Isolation and social distancing is saving lives.

Rep. Velazquez has presumed COVID-19 infection
The New York Democrat spoke on the House floor Friday and stood near Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the signing of the $2 trillion stimulus bill.

Trump interrupts virus press conference to state that his hair is real: “And it’s mine.”
With the wind whipping about, the president went off on a bizarre tangent that had nothing to do with coronavirus.

33 times Trump downplayed the coronavirus
Over the past two months, President Trump has regularly sought to downplay the coronavirus threat with a mix of facts and false statements.

Federal judge blocks Texas from enforcing coronavirus-related abortion ban
“Regarding a woman’s right to a pre-fetal-viability abortion, the Supreme Court has spoken clearly. There can be no outright ban on such a procedure,” the judge wrote.

FBI reaches out to Sen. Burr over stock sales tied to virus
The move suggests officials are looking into insider trading allegations after the Republican dumped up to $1.7 million in stocks before the coronavirus wreaked havoc on the economy.

Trump campaign threatens TV licenses against networks running ads showing his mishandling of pandemic
The threat is not only an abuse of power, it’s illegal.

Federal judge who slammed AG Barr obtains unredacted version of Mueller Report
The GW Bush appointee said Barr and Trump were running a banana republic and is finally getting a look at the truth.


Today’s Action: Ensure abortion access is an essential proceedure during COVID-19

Republicans are using COVID-19 as a excuse to shut down abortion access for women. Under the guise of reducing non-essential medical procedures (aka ‘things that can wait’), GOP lawmakers in Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas moved fast to issue various state-wide orders to shut down abortion operations and threaten non-compliant doctors with jailtime.

Abortions are essential procedures with – do we really need to say this??? – very clear time limits, and medical experts agree access must be protected. This is a repulsive, purposeful misinterpretation of real health crisis concerns to enact draconian control over women’s bodies…during a time when we aren’t even able to safely gather in public to protest against it.

More states may try to follow, so we’ve got to work fast to block further restrictions and overturn those attempted so far.

Call or email your state representatives and ask them to keep abortion access protected as an essential procedure in your state during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, make the following recommendations to improve abortion access while flattening the curve of infection in your state:

  1. Tell your lawmakers to push the FDA to relax old regulation on mifepristone, a drug that allows for at-home medical abortions but is limited-access for purely political reasons, even though abortion advocates have shown its safety and is easily available in Canada.
  2. Push for abortion telemedicine approval in your state. How? About 40% of abortions are medical (non-surgical) via a pill, prescribed over the phone and sent in the mail. It’s the same treatment as a doctor prescribing drugs to help women expel a miscarriage at home. But 18 states currently have bans on abortion care via telemedicine, so this solution isn’t currently possible in many areas.
  3. Allow women to receive a full year of contraception at one time, rather than depending on a month-to-month refill during stay-at-home mandates, and via an over-the-phone appointment with their physician as long as her previous years’ medical records are sound.
  4. Make abortions affordable/free. Over 40 million Americans could be out of work by April. Therefore, even women in abortion-friendly states may find themselves without money or healthcare to cover the procedure.

Email or call your state representatives and urge them to protect abortion access during COVID-19 shutdowns. Recommend the four changes above to further improve access throughout this crisis.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Trump to stop withholding lifesaving aid to states, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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