A new chance to save Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality: it’s what keeps internet providers from deciding which sites we get high speed access to and which sites are more difficult for us to use. And we have until April 23 to save it.

In December, Trump-appointed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chair Ajit Pai ignored overwhelming public outcry, including 50,000 signatures from the OD Action community, and removed Obama-era net neutrality protections, flinging open the doors for four massive telecom corporations (including Verizon — Pai’s former employer) to censor the web and raise prices for consumers.

But Congress can still stop Pai’s big-business handout and restore protections, by passing a “resolution of disapproval” through the Congressional Review Act (CRA). The 60-day CRA process began on February 22, so we only have until April 23 to get the votes.

Call or email your Members of Congress and demand they use the CRA to overturn the FCC ruling and uphold net neutrality protections.

This isn’t just about streaming our favorite shows (it’s about that too). Without net neutrality, every consumer will lose as corporations gain the power to determine what we consume, a change that could have devastating consequences on independent voices and allow Trump to pressure executives to silence his critics.

83% of voters support net neutrality, including 75% of Republicans. Congress can act now – but those who receive donations from telecom companies will need strong reminders who they work for.

We only have until April 23 to save net neutrality. Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand their support for the CRA to overturn the FCC ruling, and keep our net neutrality protections intact.

Remind them that we vote them into office — not the telecom corporations. And we can vote them out.


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