Schumer slams Justice Roberts for Trump double standard


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Today’s Top Stories:

Schumer fires back at Justice Roberts for condemning him, but not Trump, over SCOTUS criticism

The Senate Minority Leader took umbrage with being called out and set the record straight.

A top Senate Republican says he intends to release “report” on probe into Biden’s son

Sen. Ron Johnson made it clear his aim was to disrupt the Democratic primary.

Take Action: Demand Congress take urgent action after Trump invited foreign collusion in 2020 Election!

Check out this week’s episode: Trump’s sickening response to coronavirus is the real plague

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Democratic primary 2020: latest delegate count
Find out who is leading the race to become the Democratic nominee for the November election

Take Action: Use Vote Forward to write letters to Democratic voters in key swing states to help Get Out The Vote this November.

House passes $8.3 billion coronavirus response bill
The funding plan is significantly larger than the initial request from Trump to allocate $2.5 billion to efforts to fight the disease.

Trump tries to blame Obama for his team’s delayed virus testing rollout
As usual, the president tried to cover up his failures by pointing fingers at his predecessor.

Take Action: Republicans’ Obamacare sabotage is landing people in debtors’ prison. End this horrendous practice NOW!

Education Department delays rule change that would cut funding for rural schools
Betsy DeVos has backed down after an explosion of outrage. At least for now.

Election year is here!

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Popular Montana Governor Steve Bullock to run for Senate improving Democrats’ chances of gaining control
Trump’s man in Montana is shaking in his boots, and this time, McConnell has no answer.

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Trump says he “hasn’t touched his face in weeks” during virus presser despite doing so in last virus presser
The president’s pandering to health officials turned into another embarrassing gaffe.

Trump lawyers ask for halt in suit from woman alleging rape
Trump’s lawyers are urging a judge to halt a lawsuit from a woman seeking Trump’s DNA to help prove her claim that he raped her in the 1990s

Republican National Committee chair whines about civility after ex-DNC chair tells her to “go to hell”
The chair of the party led by Donald Trump, who has spent the past few days making fun of Bloomberg’s height, had the nerve to complain about politeness in politics.

Feds: Mystery witness will implicate ‘Putin’s chef’ in election interference
The trial for a Russian firm is set to open in Washington next month.

Prosecutors believe new witness can help them convict “Putin’s chef” of electoral interference
The surprising new development has dire implications for a Russian agent.


Today’s Action: Defund Attorney General William Barr

One of Trump’s most recognizable leadership styles is his tendency to surround himself with yes-men, and get rid of those who cross him. It’s especially easy to spot because it’s a historical mainstay in most dictatorships.

Attorney General William Barr has been Trump’s crooked sidekick since 2019, when Barr took over after Jeff Sessions was forced out for recusing himself from the Russia investigation. Barr learned from Sessions that to keep his job, he needed to do whatever the president asked of him no matter how corrupt.

And in February, Trump’s longtime friend and associate Roger Stone had been recommended a 9-year prison sentence for witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and lying to Congress to cover up Trump’s crimes – but then, the Justice Department overruled the recommendation and the four prosecutors working on his case quit in protest. Why? How? Trump tweeted and Barr answered.

The Office of the Attorney General is supposed to protect the American people, not the personal interests of the president. Call or email your Members of Congress and tell them to defund William Barr’s office until he recuses himself from all investigations into Trump and Trump’s associates. And, ask them to investigate Barr as well.

Barr’s list of interfering at Trump’s request goes on. Early last year, he passed his big first test, purposefully misleading Congress and the American public about the damning findings in the Mueller Report in order to protect Trump. Remember that? It was pretty huge.

Barr also gunned to get Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn’s sentence shortened (after lying to the FBI), and fired DoJ prosecutor Jessie Liu who angered Trump for not going after his nemesis Andrew McCabe (who investigated Trump’s connection to Russia).

We can’t vote Barr out. But we can shut him down and shed light on all he’s done.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand they support an investigation into William Barr’s misconduct and defund his office until he agrees to recuse himself from all investigations into Trump and his associates.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to demand leaders finally guarantee affordable healthcare for every American, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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