Second intel agent blows whistle on Trump over Ukraine

Tell Congress: Protect the whistleblower and hold Trump accountable for threatening his safety!


BREAKING NEWS: Second whistleblower comes forward against Trump after speaking with IG about Ukraine call.

Today’s Top Stories:

Trump throws Rick Perry under the bus, tries to blame him for making the Ukraine call

The president is pulling out all the stops in his effort to dodge responsibility for his impeachable actions.

Take Action: Tell Congress pass the “No President is Above the Law Act” to hold Trump accountable for his crimes!

As his own impeachment looms, Trump demands Mitt Romney be impeached
The president tried to turn the tables on his Republican critic in a Saturday afternoon post.

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Ana Navarro torches Trump for Romney attacks: you’ll never have his class, integrity, or hair
The Republican strategist got personal in her takedown of Trump and his attacks.

Officials reveal Trump has ordered huge cuts to the national security agency at heart of whistleblower complaint
While some officials insist that the plans to gut the National Security Council are for “efficiency,” the curious timing is raising eyebrows across Washington.

Former Republican Congressman says “Pence is the Ivanka Trump of the vice presidency”
With the VP now implicated in Trump’s crimes, the ex-Rep. was no longer willing to hold his tongue.

Take Action: Tell Congress to investigate Pence after transcripts show he was complicit in the president’s crimes

Neighbor who testified against Amber Guyger shot and killed in Dallas
Another senseless tragedy against an innocent Black man has many wondering if the fatal shooting could be a coincidence.

“Don’t think of an Elephant” — Democrats’ seminal guide to winning arguments and elections (now in audio)

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Iowa teacher put on leave after ‘sniper rifle’ comment about Greta Thunberg
The school system quickly realized that this person has no business being responsible for children.

4 killed, 5 injured in a shooting at a Kansas bar
Another senseless crime amidst GOP inaction.

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PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition tell Congress to protect the whistleblower and hold Trump accountable for threatening his safety, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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