Tell Secretaries of State to not let Trump intimidate them…COUNT EVERY VOTE!

There isn’t a state (or district, or territory) in the country immune to GOP voter suppression. The Republican method of winning is to keep people from voting, including throwing out perfectly legitimate ballots after they’ve been cast.

Whether through dubious signature matching methods (tell us: does YOUR signature look exactly the same every time you sign?), blocking ballots postmarked on or well before November 3 but still arriving after (thanks to Trump’s sabotage of USPS, which has intentionally slowed delivery), or flat out “losing” entire zip codes of ballots (hint: they weren’t lost), we must demand the end of these anti-democratic measures.

Add your name to tell the Secretaries of State to dismiss GOP voter suppression tactics and count every vote.

Each state has a Secretary of State whose job is to serve as the chief elections officer – supporting voters and protecting their Constitutional right to take part in our elections.

Clearly, some Secretaries are failing at their duties – or outright cooperating with GOP thugs. We see them…and we need to stop them.

Sign here to demand every Secretaries of State counts EVERY vote this election – and stop blocking Americans their basic rights!


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