Charge Trump for recklessly endangering secret service officers

Why did Trump, freshly diagnosed with COVID-19 and still contagious with the deadly virus, decide to unnecessarily leave the hospital in the middle of treatment to drive around in a hermetically-sealed vehicle for a joyride propaganda parade for his delusional fans gathered nearby…thereby needlessly endangering the lives of the secret service agents who are trained to take a bullet for him, not from him?

We already know the answer: because Trump only cares about Trump.

Add your name to demand Trump is charged for the crime of needlessly risking the lives of his secret service officers with COVID-19.

Trump can’t stand the idea of appearing weak, brought down by a virus that he has denied the severity of for ten months. But the reality is inarguable: over 200,000 Americans have died from his negligence and the drivers for his little one-man publicity stunt could now be at risk for joining those numbers after being sealed into a car with a virus-shedding egomaniac.

Trump’s gross negligence is a crime – and he needs to be held accountable.

Sign here to tell federal law enforcement to charge Trump for the crime he committed: endangering the lives of secret service officers.


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