Demand Trump’s White House give Biden security briefings like every other President-elect

While many Republicans leaders are still publicly backing their failed leader who – despite losing both the popular and electoral vote – has fraudulently claimed victory, they’re clearly walking a political tightrope. Because, many of those same Republicans have also publicly urged the White House to move forward giving President-elect Joe Biden crucial intelligence briefings.

One of the primary tasks of a Presidential transition team is prepping the incoming President on the classified information they’ll need to lead the nation from day one. In fact, the shortened transition following the 2000 election was a contributor to lack of preparedness for the September 11, 2001 attacks. That Trump has so far not allowed it is a major security risk for our entire nation.

Add your name to demand the White House gives Joe Biden all standard security briefings as per normal for a President-elect.

Whether or not Trump eventually officially concedes, Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20th, and it’s vital Joe has been appropriately prepared to begin his job.

These political games are tired. The White House must uphold the integrity of our elections and begin the transition, starting with intelligence briefings.

Sign here to demand the White House follow protocol by initiating intelligence briefings for President-elect Joe Biden.


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