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Top Stories for July 28:

In a major boost to Democrats, Manchin and Schumer announce deal for energy and health care bill

The Senate has agreed to a historic reconciliation deal that would provide $369 billion for climate change and $64 billion for the ACA. Most importantly, it will allow Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs, delivering huge savings to the American people and a policy accomplishment Democrats have been fighting for since 1989.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to legalize marijuana and pass the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act!

Viral Texas ad destroying Greg Abbott breaks the internet

The horrifying cruelty of Greg Abbott’s regime has been laid bare for the whole nation to see.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass gun reforms to make sure the Texas school massacre never happens again!

Kamala Harris SLAMS Republicans in MUST-SEE takedown

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Democrats introduce bill requiring term limits for US supreme court justices
Congress is finally taking action to put an end to the absurd game of death roulette that allows a tiny group of unelected ideologues to overturn decades of precedence and strip rights away from hundreds of millions of Americans.

Take Action: Demand Congress rebuff Trump’s SCOTUS and take climate change action NOW!

20 Republican AGs sue USDA in order to keep LGBTQ+ kids from getting free lunches
After stripping rights away from women and forcing them to give birth, the GOP is now fighting to deny food to those children simply for being who they are. It’s clear their obsession with children’s lives is nothing but a monstrously cynical political ploy.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Equal Rights Amendment NOW!

Biden administration offers convicted Russian arms dealer in exchange for Brittney Griner
The WNBA star, who has spent the past several months in a Russian prison on marijuana possession charges, is finally coming home in exchange for Viktor Bout, the notorious arms dealer whose exploits were depicted in the excellent 2005 film Lord of War.

US Senate passes major chip funding bill
The $280 billion bill is meant to spur US chip manufacturing, though some progressives decry the deal as a handout to corporations who have shut down 700 plants and killed 150,000 American jobs over the past 20 years. Let’s hope there are some guarantees to make sure those jobs actually come back!

Tim Ryan pulls Republicans’ biggest advantage away from them

OD Action partner: The Ohio Senate candidate is speaking to rural working families in a way few Demcorats have been able to do — and they’re listening. United Rural Democrats helps spread his message in hard areas.

Neo-Nazi marine plotted mass murder, rape campaigns with group, feds say
Federal prosecutors say a former U.S. Marine plotted mass murder and sexual assault to “decrease the number of minority residents” in the United States as part of his membership in a far-right neo-Nazi group, “Rapekrieg.”

Trump notifies CNN of ‘intent to file’ defamation lawsuit regarding his unproven election claims
The scrambling and desperate serial sexual predator is trying to go on the offensive to get back at those who rightfully called him a liar. We’re sure CNN is quaking in their boots!

Department of Justice reaches $20 million settlement with Warren Buffet mortgage company over Philadelphia redlining
“This settlement is a stark reminder that redlining is not a problem from a bygone era. Trident’s unlawful redlining activity denied communities of color equal access to residential mortgages, stripped them of the opportunity to build wealth, and devalued properties in their neighborhoods,” said Kristen Clarke, assistant attorney general of the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

U.S. economy shrinks for second straight quarter, igniting recession fears
The Fed’s aggressive interest rate hikes, intended to combat inflation, are predictably causing the economy to contract and raising fears of a recession. What a world we live in where instead of taking action to rein in corporate profits and power, we simply tank our own economy instead!


Protest around the world

Dispatches from Kim Jong Ron’s Theocratic Dystopia of Florida


Today’s Action: Tell the Department of Justice to punish Trump and his fans for threatening Jan 6 witnesses!

In the weeks since Cassidy Hutchinson’s brave testimony before the January 6th committee, she has been barraged with vicious death threats and harassment from rabid Trump fans (including quite a few Republicans in office.) She’s been sequestered with her family and a security detail ever since, a testament to just how eager Trump World is to use political violence to silence critics and protect their criminal leader.

Everyone and anyone who speaks out against Trump can expect to be flooded with death threats and hateful, vile harassment — often egged on by Trump himself. It’s unacceptable, and now it is even interfering with a critical investigation.

Call (202-353-1555) or write the Department of Justice and demand they put a stop to the harassment of January 6th witnesses!

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger refused to help Trump “find votes,” so Trump fans tormented his wife with horrifying, sexualized messages and broke into the home of his son’s widow. Arizona House Speaker Russell “Rusty” Bowers had protestors outside his house with weapons, playing videos calling him a pedophile. Election workers Ruby Freeman and Wandrea ArShaye “Shaye” Moss had their lives upended by harassment and threats.

Ordinary people shouldn’t have to live in fear of a would-be despot simply for doing the right thing. Enough is enough.

Call (202-353-1555) or write the DOJ to take action against those making threats against Trump critics!


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