Tell the Senate to convict and bar Trump from holding office again!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has transmitted the articles of impeachment to the Senate. On February 9th, the Senate will begin the trial of disgraced ex-President Donald Trump, who has been charged with inciting a violent attempted coup, carried out by armed Republican extremists. This, after months of threatening phone calls, backdoor deals, and frivolous lawsuits to change the results of the election.

And they must convict. Because anything less than a resounding, bipartisan rebuke of Trump’s attempt to overthrow our democracy will simply send a signal to future dictator hopefuls: be better at your coup.

Add your name to demand the Senate convicts Trump and blocks him from running for public office ever again.

Nothing is stopping Trump from running again in 2024, building his MAGA militias for a sequel even more bloody than the first. Nothing…except a Senate conviction, followed by a separate vote to block this dangerous possibility.

Our democracy barely survived four years under Trump. For the sake of our country, the Senate must unite to end this dark era once and for all.

Sign here to demand Senators convict Trump for his deadly coup and votes to ensure he never holds office again.


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