Tell the Senate to follow the House’s lead by funding USPS and reversing DeJoy’s sabotage!

The House has passed the Delivering for America Act, legislation to block newly-installed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy from carrying out his recent sabotage of USPS to steal the November election for Trump, and providing $25 billion of desperately needed funding.

Now it moves to the Republican-controlled Senate. But before you assume this won’t pass, consider this: both the House AND the Senate are holding hearings on the state of USPS and DeJoy’s leadership due to overwhelming public pressure to take action.

In other words, the GOP is feeling the heat, so we can’t let up now.

Add your name to tell the Senate to fund the United States Postal Service, and protect it from DeJoy’s devastating administrative changes that have endangered the November election.

Access to a safe voting option is absolutely essential during this pandemic, particularly for those poorer, minority, and elderly communities hardest hit by COVID. Coupled with the voter suppression the GOP already throws at these vulnerable and underrepresented groups, we’re facing a monumental civil rights issue this November…

…unless the Senate acts.

Sign here to tell the Senate to pass legislation to save and fund USPS, and undo DeJoy’s damage.


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