Stop Trump's racist Census overhaul designed to undermine America's democracy.

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Trump and Sessions

Sessions crumbles under pressure and launches investigation to squash Mueller probe

The Attorney General finally gave Trump the news he’s been waiting to hear.

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Federal court rules in favor of lawsuit against Trump
The case for the Republican president’s impeachment got a major boost yesterday.

Trump Lawyer

Trump’s lawyer botches the whole case against Stormy Daniels live on air [WATCH]

David Schwartz’s glaring misstep on CNN is about to cost Trump dearly.

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CNN reveals the pathetic reason Trump promoted his physician to Veterans Affairs Secretary

The humiliating truth finally came surging to the forefront.

ODay Music Video

A secret music video from Trump Jr.’s ex-mistress is leaked, and his humiliation is going viral

This newly unearthed video from Aubrey O’Day is the nail in the coffin of Donald Trump Jr.’s dignity.

Mueller uncovers the biggest connection between Trump and Russia yet

The special counsel’s latest bombshell has the White House panicking.

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resist like it's 1776

Only You Can Prevent Fascism

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Take Action: Prepared for primaries – check your registration!

Illinois held primary elections last week and the results were astounding – Democrats outvoted Republicans by almost 600,000. It’s the highest percentage of Democratic primary turnout in the state in two decades. Meanwhile in the South, Texas primaries saw the highest Democratic turnout since 2002.

The blue wave is already in motion, with nearly 40 legislative seats flipped Democrat since Trump was elected.

This is very bad news for Republicans. We have shown strength in numbers, and that’s exactly what we’ll need in November for Democrats to take back Congress and finally stop Trump’s devastating agenda in its tracks.

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Nobody said it was going to be easy to win back Congress. It’s going to take Democrats in every state showing up when it matters.

If you ever wondered whether your vote could make a difference, look to Pennsylvania, where Democrat Conor Lamb just won a House seat by fewer than 800 votes (0.3%) in a district that Trump won by 20% in 2016. Pennsylvania Democrats and eked out a victory that was previously unthinkable — because they showed up.

Each victory has a common thread: Democrats getting out the vote in full force on election day.

Do your part. Check your voter registration status at and make sure you’re ready to do your part in primaries and midterms to win back Congress. Then, share on social media ( Facebook, Twitter)! Let’s defeat Trump, one vote at a time.


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