Shooting survivor calls out Melania and goes viral

Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas for Lying Under Oath

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Shooting survivor tweet

A Florida massacre survivor goes viral calling out Melania Trump by name
The First Lady got hit with an unexpected yet well-deserved accusation from the Parkland student.

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A teacher demands Republicans arm her, and her weapon of choice is excellent
She responded to Trump’s call to put guns in school, and Americans are flocking to her cause.



Mueller singles out a Republican congressman in unsealed Trump-Russia indictment
The seasoned special prosecutor stunned Capitol Hill today with an unprecedented accusation.

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An armed Utah teacher accidentally shoots herself at school
As Donald Trump and Republicans call for arming teachers, the stupidity of that idea was made manifestly clear.


Donald Trump throws Jared Kushner’s White House future to the wolves
The First Son-in-Law appears to have reached the end of the line.

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Worried Florida dad turns in son’s phone over guns. Police found a horrific surprise
Even the hardened law enforcement officers were appalled at what they discovered.

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