Smugglers breached Trump’s border wall with $100 tools

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Trump’s $10 billion border wall is being easily breached by smugglers using $100 tools

The border wall is the golden calf that Donald Trump has promoted as the object of adulation and protection for the American people whom he continuously warned were under attack by swarms of dangerous and evil migrant refugees who would spread crime and disease if allowed to continue pouring into the country.

Despite the fact that experts — and common sense — have pointed out that a physical barrier on the southern border would do little to stem the flow of drug smuggling and illegal border crossings, Trump has ignored the objections of critics and Congress to continue his attempts to erect a wall on the border by diverting money from the Defense Department budget in a move of dubious legality and has continued to falsely crow at his authoritarian-style political rallies that miles of new fencing was being built— a claim that he promoted as vigorously and erroneously on Twitter.

Now The Washington Post is reporting that Trump’s much-vaunted newly-designed barrier fence is an even more colossal waste of money than anyone previously realized because Mexican drug smuggling gangs are simply sawing… [more]

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