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Pfizer says COVID vaccine more than 80% effective in kids under 5

Top Stories for May 23:

Top Southern Baptists stonewalled clergy sex abuse victims for decades

Southern Baptist leaders silenced and denigrated survivors of clergy sex abuse for twenty years while seeking to protect their own reputations, according to a scathing new report.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Top Republican infuriates own party with stunning admission

Sen. Rick Scott went on TV once again to promote a GOP plan to raise taxes on tens of millions of middle- and lower-class Americans, claiming they don’t have enough “skin in the game.”

Take Action: Join progressive champion Jessica Cisneros in calling for Congress to support union protections for American workers!

Republicans pull VILE stunt over baby formula shortage

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unreal.

Biden says US willing to respond “militarily” in event of Chinese attack on Taiwan
President BIden said Monday that the United States would intervene militarily if China attempts to take Taiwan by force, a warning that appeared to deviate from the deliberate ambiguity traditionally held by Washington.

Trump shares post suggesting “civil war”
Another thoughtful, measured observation from the nation’s 45th president, who was only impeached twice — and only once for inciting a deadly insurrection at the US Capitol during his single term in office.

Take Action: Tell Merrick Garland: Indict Trump!

Kellyanne Conway skewers “shrewd and calculating” Jared Kushner in new memoir
Oh, schadenfreude!

Take Action: Arrest and prosecute Trump’s criminal allies now!

Arkansas governor distances himself from extreme abortion ban he willingly signed into law

Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson attempted to shirk responsibility on Sunday for signing a strict “trigger law” that would ban abortion in his state without any exceptions for rape and incest, insisting that Arkansas will revisit that matter if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Take Action: Demand big corporations stop funneling money to anti-choice politicians!

John Fetterman is our BEST chance to flip a Senate seat and protect our majority

Fetterman for PA: Can you chip in to support the most important Senate race in the country?

Top Senate Republican who voted to overturn 2020 election admits Biden won fairly
Florida’s Rick Scott, one of eight Senate Republicans who voted to overturn the 2020 election results, admitted on CBS’ Face the Nation that Joe Biden is “absolutely” the lawfully elected president of the United States. Glad we could finally clear that up.

Baby formula CEO apologizes for shortage as the first overseas shipment arrives in the US
The CEO of Abbott, the company whose voluntary recall of several widely sold baby formula brands helped trigger a nationwide formula shortage, has apologized for the crisis, as the first overseas shipment of formula approved by President Biden arrived in the US on Sunday.

A new billionaire was minted every 30 hours during the pandemic as income inequality surge continues
The COVID-19 pandemic is “set to drive the biggest systemic increase in income inequality ever seen,” Oxfam said in a damning new report.

Good grief

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world


Today’s Action: Get out the vote in the primaries!

Tomorrow, four states have primary elections — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Texas. We all know the biggest enemies of progress in America are Republicans, but it’s also been painfully clear that just a few bad Democrats can muck a LOT of things up for all of us. This is our chance to do something about it — to not just elect any Democrats, but to reshape the party with real progressives to advance our legislative priorities!

If you live in one of the four states voting tomorrow and don’t yet have a plan to vote, make yours now. If you have friends in those states, call them and cajole them to the polls! Find out when your own state’s primaries will be held, and identify your current polling place here. It is absolutely critical to show up this year — and every year — to build a truly progressive future.

Every. Vote. Matters. Check your voter registration status and polling place to ensure you’re prepared for upcoming primaries and the midterms — and tell your network of like-minded friends and family to do the same on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, at the park, in the bleachers, in the pews, at the dinner table, and anywhere else you can!

Tomorrow, progressive champion and immigration lawyer Jessica Cisneros is running to unseat one of the most conservative roadblocks in the Democratic party, anti-choice Rep. Henry Cuellar. Cuellar won his last primary battle against Cisneros by a mere 2,000 votes; this race is absolutely winnable, and we must rally to make it a reality.

The Cisneros campaign needs all hands on deck to get out the vote in Texas’ 28th district! Join a virtual phonebank event this evening and/or tomorrow and talk to voters in TX-28 about Cisneros’ vision for victory — if you can spare just two hours, your service could be the difference!

Every meaningful electoral victory shares a common thread: progressives turning out in full force on Election Day. Check your voter registration status at and make sure you’re ready to do your part in upcoming primaries and the midterms to win Congress and more.


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