Demand the next COVID relief bill include stimulus checks!

Nine months into widespread COVID-19 shutdowns, and at least six months to go until the vaccine is available for widespread distribution, Americans have received exactly one stimulus check of $1,200. 

With record-breaking sustained unemployment and under-employment, and the bonus pandemic unemployment insurance long gone, we’re facing an economic and housing crisis like we’ve never seen, as over 12 million Americans now owe back rent and millions more struggle to put food on the table or keep the utilities turned on.

We need another stimulus check. Add your name to demand the Senate includes another $1,200 payment to struggling families in the next COVID-19 relief package.

Democrats have been pushing for more stimulus checks since the spring. But Republicans have refused to bring it to the table for months, and it’s only now under serious consideration again in the end-of-year negotiations.

It is absolutely critical that Republicans consider the financial difficulties their constituents are facing in an unprecedented crisis their dear leader ignored and denied, to the death of 290,000+ Americans.

Sign here to demand Congress includes a second stimulus check in the next COVID-19 relief bill.


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