Tell Republicans to stop blaming Obama for Trump’s failed response after McConnell admits LIES!

The United States has far more COVID-19 deaths than any other country in the world and Republicans are hunting for anyone to blame besides Trump. Mitch McConnell baselessly claimed the Obama administration didn’t leave behind a pandemic game plan – and was forced to admit he was wrong when FOX News called him out.

How wrong? The Obama administration left Trump a 69-page Pandemic Playbook….that Trump ignored. Obama left an office called the Pandemic Preparedness Office…that Trump abolished. And Obama left a global monitoring system called PREDICT… that Trump cut by 75%.

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Obama administration officials met with Trump administration officials on January 13, 2017 for three hours to discuss the rapid, global spread of a dangerous virus…there were 30 representatives of Trump’s team present.

So it wasn’t that these things didn’t happen, it’s that Trump just didn’t care. 

Republican lies are so obvious that even FOX News can’t cover for them. We need an actual response…not a fabricated blame game.

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