Tell Congress to stop squandering resources to fast-track Trump’s wall

With fewer than 40 days left in office, Trump is putting up as many miles of his border wall as possible in Arizona. He won’t finish the job in time – and Biden is expected to cancel the project, anyway. 

So, billions of dollars are being pointlessly poured into bulldozing pristine desert land and dynamiting beautiful mountains, and absolutely devastating indigenous cultural sites. And, this money is being spent even as Republicans refuse to help millions struggling families with food, housing, and unemployment support during the COVID-19 crisis.

Add your name to demand Congress defunds and blocks Trump’s remaining border wall project. Endangered species and native sacred sites are being destroyed!

This area of Arizona is also the home for a rich array of biodiversity, and the wall’s pathway cuts through a critical corridor for endangered ocelots and jaguars, as well as at-risk wolves, turtles, birds, and more.

The sped-up timeline has only been possible by waiving endangered species protections and bypassing environmental impact reports…leaving the vulnerable wildlife helpless against Trump’s ruthless ego.

There is no good reason to move forward with Trump’s wall…and millions of reasons not to.

Sign here to demand Congress halts Trump’s hateful border wall, instead protecting native history, endangered species, and pristine landscapes.


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