Superspreader Trump throws military into chaos

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Top Stories for October 7:

Chairman of joint chiefs and string of top brass self-quarantining after contact with Trump at superspreader White House event

The crowded event was held the day after the president hosted more than 100 people at the White House to announce his SCOTUS pick to replace RBG.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News host nails Trump adviser over the president putting his own staff’s lives at risk in White House

The president was called out by his favorite news network for needlessly endangering hundreds of people working at the White House so he could stage a silly photo shoot.

Take Action: Demand the White House give us the TRUTH about Trump’s health

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Trump shuts down pandemic relief talks, then abruptly reverses course, dangling new $1,200 stimulus checks
The president unilaterally killed stimulus talks earlier, tweeting that there would be no deal until “after I win” the election.

Take Action: Tell Congress not to settle for Trump’s illegal sham executive order. Pass a REAL relief package!

Report finds Trump’s DOJ deliberately targeted infant children of immigrants for detention
“We need to take away children,” then-Attorney General Sessions said at the time.

Claudia Conway posts video of Kellyanne cursing her out for revealing their infection
Kellyanne’s daughter has given us a telling glimpse into who her mother really is behind the scenes.

Top White House aide Stephen Miller tests positive for virus
Trump’s most racist immigration adviser, responsible for the administration’s disastrous “kids in cages” policy was the latest member of the president’s inner circle to test positive for the virus.

Take Action: Charge Trump for recklessly endangering secret service officers!

If Trump is too sick to run for re-election…

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: You’ll want to know this.

Facebook bans QAnon across its platforms
The change is a significant escalation over its previous actions targeting QAnon and one of the broadest rules the social media giant has put in place in its history.

Grand jury indicts St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters
A grand jury in St. Louis has just indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey on counts of exhibiting a weapon and tampering with evidence four months after footage circulated showing the couple pointing guns at peaceful civil rights protesters outside their home.

Widow of Broadway star killed by virus, posts powerful video pleading with Trump to “have some empathy”
Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to spend two days in the hospital, Amanda Kloots said. “There is no empathy to all the lives lost. He is bragging instead. It is sad. It is hurtful. It is disgraceful.”



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Get Out The Vote TODAY to support Kamala Harris TONIGHT!

Tonight is the debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic VP candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris. We can only hope it will be less viscerally painful to watch than last week’s debate between Trump and Biden…but Pence’s political beliefs are just as oppressive and hateful as Trump’s, even if they do appear with less garbled interruption tactics. And as head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, the blood of 275,000 American lives are just as much on his hands as Trump’s.

With Trump’s recent stint in the hospital, Pence’s position as VP has been thrust into the limelight. We DO NOT WANT Pence as a President any more than Trump, but Republicans will be looking at Pence through a lens of new possibility tonight. So today…we’re focusing on voting Pence out and voting Kamala in.

Support our future Vice President Kamala Harris with another round of Get Out The Vote volunteerism today! 

  • Phone bank before the debates! Personal connection is the most effective way to sway a mind, and phone banking is our best tool at this moment. Millions of undecided Americans across the country will be tuning into tonight’s debates to try to make a decision about which ticket to support – and you can help them see why blue is best! Sign up with the good folks of Indivisible or search for a local virtual event to make calls TODAY while the debate is on voters’ minds.


  • Write letters during the debates! Vote Forward has bumped their goal from 10 million letters to 15 million, and we’ve got 10 days to hit it before the October 17 mail date! Download 20 letters to write as Kamala shares the Biden/Harris plans for tackling the pandemic, climate change, saving healthcare, criminal justice and more!


  • Text bank for Biden/Harris after the debates! And during, if you’re already trained… but if not, sign up now for a virtual text bank training session so that you can be texting during the next debate between Trump and Biden. Done? Good – now jump on to those calls or letters now while you wait for your training date!



Get Out The Vote today to make Mike Pence a one-term VP and push Kamala Harris forward to the White House!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling states to stop Republicans’ voter suppression, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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