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Russia pushed into historic default by sanctions

Top Stories for June 27:

Rudy Giuliani tapped on the back inside Staten Island supermarket, claims “it was painful all night. It was hard to sleep. But I’m telling you, it was a very, very heavy shot”

A ShopRite worker has been arrested for allegedly lightly patting the disgraced former mayor on the back and greeting him as a “scumbag.” The

VIDEO OF THE DAY: “Pro-life” Republican confronted with red states’ dismal health outcomes on air

Governor Kristi Noem found herself backed into a corner over her party’s repeated, demonstrable failures.

Take Action: Stop imprisoning women who have miscarriages!

The ONE way to restore abortion rights in the US

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This is key.

South Dakota governor announces that she will ban mail-order abortion pills
The repeal of Roe v. Wade has opened the floodgates for a wave of draconian GOP policies targeting women.

Take Action: Tell Google to delete data to protect abortion seekers!

Arkansas governor brushes off rape and incest exceptions to abortion ban
Asa Hutchinson claimed this is “not the debate” being held in Arkansas and refused to address the issue — almost certainly because there is no justification for this monstrous cruelty and he knows it.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass paid family leave and affordable child care!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders sparks outrage and derision with Roe defeat quip
After winning her gubernatorial primary, the former Trump lie czar declared that “we will make sure that when a kid is in the womb, they’re as safe as they are in a classroom.” The United States has had 27 school shootings so far this year.

Take Action: Tell the Biden team: Do everything in your power to defend LGBTQ+ rights against Republican hate!

AOC says impeachment possible if Supreme Court justices lied under oath, which they did

We have now reached the point where the truly radical options are the only ones that make sense.

WATCH Major Retired Richard Ojeda Rally All Defenders of Choice

OD Action partner: What do we do now? We organize like never before and here’s how…

Russian missiles hit Kyiv as G7 summit begins in Europe
One person died and at least six were wounded in a Russian missile strike that hit a residential apartment block in the Ukrainian capital.

Take Action: Tell Congress to end US support for Saudi Arabia’s murderous war in Yemen!

Trump fatigue sets in: “Some donors are getting sick of the shitshow”
Few, if any, conservatives are turning on the former president. But they’re tiring of the drama.

One America News star has total meltdown over pride flag
Alison Steinberg, professional snowflake, withered in the summer sun over a pride flag…in CALIFORNIA

Republicans panic that overturning Roe could hurt them in the mid-terms
A dozen Republican strategists and party officials admitted in interviews that opposing abortion is a “losing issue for Republicans” and could seriously blunt their electoral prospects.


On the home front

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Today’s Action: Get out the vote in the primaries!

There are seven primaries taking place tomorrow — Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Utah. We all know the biggest enemies of progress in America are Republicans, but it’s also been painfully clear that just a few bad Democrats can muck a LOT of things up for all of us. This is our chance to do something about it — to not just elect any Democrats, but to reshape the party with real progressives to advance our legislative priorities!

If you live in one of the SEVEN states voting tomorrow and don’t yet have a plan to vote, make yours now. If you have friends in those states, call them and cajole them to the polls! Find out when your own state’s primaries will be held, and identify your current polling place here. It is absolutely critical to show up this year — and every year — to build a truly progressive future.

Every. Vote. Matters. Check your voter registration status and polling place to ensure you’re prepared for upcoming primaries and the midterms — and tell your network of like-minded friends and family to do the same on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, at the park, in the bleachers, in the pews, at the dinner table, and anywhere else you can!

No matter how unpopular Trump and the GOP seem to be, Americans are still dealing with extreme income inequality, incessant voter suppression schemes, relentless attacks on reproductive care, and the demonization of marginalized communities, because corrupt Republicans are regularly joined by a few bad-faith Democrats. Fortunately, we have some amazing progressives running for office this year. But they can’t win if we don’t show up.

If you can, make plans to join Working Families Party’s weekly virtual event this Friday, July 1st, from 3PM – 5 PM EDT and help send texts for progressive candidates to voters across the country!

Every meaningful electoral victory shares a common thread: progressives turning out in full force on Election Day.

Check your voter registration status at and make sure you’re ready to do your part in upcoming primaries and the midterms to win Congress and more. Then share away on social media!


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