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For the first time in Paul Ryan’s 20-year congressional career, the Democrats have added his congressional seat to their list of top 2018 congressional targets.

This is big.

This means that the Democrats have started to see what all of us on Team Randy Bryce are seeing — that the unprecedented wave of activism in response to the election of Donald Trump combined with the Republicans total indifference towards working people has the power to crash right into Paul Ryan. But in order to take advantage of our best shot in two decades, we need your help.

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The addition of Paul Ryan’s seat to the Democrats list of “battlefield targets” shows that not only do we have a shot at repealing and replacing Paul Ryan, but we also have an opportunity to take back the majority. They think, for the first time in 20 years, that Paul Ryan is vulnerable. They think Randy Bryce can win — and that our victory could be the one that forces Paul Ryan to hand his gavel over to a Democrat.

So Democrats’ involvement in this race is a big deal, and we’ll be getting more attention and resources to help defeat Paul Ryan.

We’re going to spend the next year continuing to work every day to make Paul Ryan trade places with Randy Bryce, but to do it we need everyone to step up in moments like this.

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It’s time for Paul Ryan to face the voters.

David Keith
Campaign Manager
Randy Bryce for Congress

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