Ted Cruz challenges AOC on science and gets owned


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Identify and prosecute for animal cruelty the Trumpers who glued MAGA hats to birds' heads!


BREAKING: Federal Judges stop their own ruling blocking Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ policy

Today’s Top Stories:

Ted Cruz challenges AOC on science knowledge and gets owned by his creationism

The Republican extremist bit off more than he could chew when he went at the MIT-awarded scholar.

Take Action: Trump fired America’s pandemic response team. Demand he reassemble it to confront the coronavirus pandemic immediately!

Trump mystifies reporters with preparations for virus, promises “a lot of different elements of medical”
The president’s borderline illiterate comments did little to inspire confidence as the outbreak worsens.

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HAPPENING TODAY: A primer on the South Carolina Democratic primary
The race head’s South as the state’s majority Black Democratic electorate has their say.

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Trump re-nominates Congressman John Ratcliffe to be director of national intelligence after he was deemed unqualified a few months ago
The Rep’s sole qualifications appear to be his blind obsequiousness to the president.

Take Action: Trump installed a spy chief with zero intel experience. Demand he hire someone who knows what their doing!

What’s on Mike Pence’s schedule as coronavirus point man? A fundraiser in Florida.
With questions about the pandemic’s spread sending markets into freefall, Trump’s point person is raising money for re-election.

Republicans storm out of coronavirus briefing after Democrat rips Trump’s response

Rep. Rosa DeLauro’s comments were indicative of the growing political tensions around the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus response.

Election year is here!

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Dow falls 350 points Friday to cap the worst week for Wall Street since the financial crisis
Trump’s response seems to have only made things worse.

Betsy DeVos plans to cut $5.4 million from rural school
More than 800 schools will lose funding from the Rural and Low-Income School Program due the Trump regime’s heartless change.

Take Action: Tell Betsy DeVos to stop harming kids’ health. Clean drinking water in ALL public schools NOW!

U.S. intel agencies warned of rising risk of outbreak like coronavirus
In 2017 and 2018 threat assessments, intelligence analysts even mentioned a close cousin of coronavirus by name, saying it had “pandemic potential.”

Wisconsin appeals court overturns order to purge more than 200,000 voters from rolls
Republicans’ attempt to rig the state in the next election hit a wall.

Trump and his Chief of Staff dismiss coronavirus fears as media plot to take him down
As the World Health Organization raises the global risk to “very high,” the president and his team are busy spinning dangerous conspiracy theories.


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