Ted Cruz has most humiliating moment of his career

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Biden to deliver first State of the Union address March 1

Top Stories for January 8:

Trump complains that the media won’t talk about how big of a crowd he drew on January 6th

The Republican senator accidentally let out a kernel of truth and had to go on Fox to snivel and beg forgiveness.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ted Cruz has most humiliating moment of his entire career

The Republican senator accidentally let out a kernel of truth and had to go on Fox to snivel and beg forgiveness.

Take Action: Demand Fox be held liable for vaccine disinformation that’s getting people killed!

Deep RED Senate seat suddenly IN PLAY for midterms

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This was unexpected.

Georgia men found guilty of Ahmed Arbery’s murder sentenced to life in prison
Judge Timothy Walmsley ordered Travis McMichael and his father, Gregory, to serve life sentences without parole. William Bryan, who took video of the murder, also received a life sentence, but with the possibility of parole.

Rep. Mo Brooks reportedly “cheered” insurrection as colleagues feared for their lives
As the fall of American democracy became a real possibility, the Republican congressman could not contain his glee.

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Police officer injured defending the Capitol on January 6th sues Trump

Briana Kirkland, who suffered traumatic brain injury, asserts in suit that the former president “inflamed, encouraged, incited, directed, aided and abetted” the insurrection.

GOP Lawyer suing to block Biden’s vaccine mandate tests positive for COVID
The Solicitor General of Ohio was forced to appear virtually before the Supreme Court to argue his case that the OSHA enforced mandates are unconstitutional.

WATCH: No Dem Left Behind gives the secrets to Democrats can winning in rural America

No Dem Left Behind: In rural America, the most frequently asked question we receive is: “How do we win over Republican and Independent voters?” The answer is in Democrats’ values — IF we own them. This is No Dem Left Behind PAC’s winning message. (Voiceover by Richard Ojeda)

December jobs report reveals record first year for Biden, dip in unemployment, despite falling short of expectations
It wasn’t all good news, to be sure, but the monthly report confirmed that more jobs were created in Biden’s first year in office than Trump’s first three years combined, and unemployment hit a record 3.9%.

Bidens visit Colorado to tour fire-ravaged towns, comfort families
President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden met with officials and victims in Boulder County after the freak brush fires destroyed homes and businesses earlier this week, inflicting over $500 million in damages.

January 6th committee plans to get answers from Mike Pence
Chairman Bennie Thompson told NPR he expects to call the former Vice President to meet with the committee by the end of the month.

Devin Nunes’ hometown paper takes parting shot at the now former congressman
In a scathing piece entitled “See ya, Devin Nunes,” the Fresno Bee editorial board ridiculed the feeble Nunes for morphing into Trump’s lap dog, and for quitting on his district a year early to avoid a tough reelection bid.


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