Ted Lieu goes viral with key Kavanaugh observation

Tell Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski vote NO on Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court


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Today’s Action: Demand a REAL investigation into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

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Ted Lieu and Kavanaugh

Ted Lieu goes mega-viral with a eye-opening observation about Kavanaugh’s hearing behavior
The outspoken Congressman pointed out a painful truth and Twitter definitely agreed.

Take Action: Add your name to tell the FBI to investigate ALL allegations of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh!


Trump Jr. attacks Kavanaugh’s accuser while she testifies and quickly pays for it
The First Son shamefully went after the victim and ended up looking like a complete fool.

Obama and Solar Energy
People In All 50 States Are Defying Trump’s Efforts To Undo Obama’s Climate Saving Legacy With This Online Service

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Avenatti and Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh says he believes what “rings true.” Avenatti’s response is gold
Trump’s nemesis saw the Supreme Court pick’s preposterous claim and quickly put him in his place.

A new book reveals how Mike Pence’s wife punished him for helping get Trump elected
While she put on a smile for the cameras, Karen Pence was a different story behind closed doors.

Take Action: Pence’s family business cost taxpayers over $20 million in environmental cleanup. Sign the petition to make them pay us back!

Voice actor and Kavanaugh

The voice of Princess Leia in Star Wars’ new show cruelly mocks Kavanaugh’s accuser
The shameful voice actor is going viral for the worst reason, and outrage is growing.

A top Republican stuns reporters with disgusting remark about Kavanaugh accuser
Away from the cameras, Orrin Hatch let his misogynist colors show — but a reporter heard him and spread his shame for all to see.

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Today’s Action: Demand a REAL investigation into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

Yesterday, the country watched an historic hearing in two very different acts.

In the first, we witnessed a woman courageously come forward to share her traumatic experience of sexual assault. Motivated only by what she described as her “civic duty,” Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had nothing to gain by going public and already sacrificed her quiet, peaceful life, faced threats of violence, and been forced out of her home into hiding. She candidly answered hours of personal questions, alternately from Democrats and a private prosecutor hired by Republicans to discredit her.

In the starkest of contrast, Brett Kavanaugh then came forward in a brazen display of rage and entitlement, evading question after question, careful not to disparage Dr. Ford by name but indignant that he had to dignify her allegations with a response. To him and the committee Republicans who railed in his defense but had been too cowardly to even face Dr. Ford, it was clear that it was Kavanaugh, not sexual assault survivors, who were the real victims.

Throughout the hearing, Democrats had a consistent message: let the FBI investigate so we can know the truth. After all, if Kavanaugh is innocent as Republicans insist, an investigation would only further his cause. And yet, despite the precedent, Republicans refuse.

Don’t stand for it. Contact your Senators today and call for an immediate FBI investigation — BEFORE Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote.

Before allegations of sexual misconduct emerged, Kavanaugh was already the most scandal plagued Supreme Court nominee in modern history, having lied and misled the Senate under oath even as Republicans refused to disclose thousands of documents relevant to his nomination. He was also handpicked for his position against prosecuting sitting presidents and his opposition to Roe v. Wade.

And yet, Kavanaugh, Trump, and Senate Republicans’ handling of these allegations is worse yet. In refusing to investigate, refusing to let the facts come out, refusing to even hear from all Kavanaugh’s accuser and witnesses, Republicans have sent a signal that they want Kavanaugh confirmed not because they don’t believe he has committed these heinous acts but because they don’t care.

That is beyond unacceptable. For Dr. Ford, we have to be better than that. For the countless victims inspired by her courage to come forward with their own stories, we must be better than that. For the integrity of the Supreme Court, the Senate, and the future of our country, we must be better.

That’s why it’s so important that we all call (202.224.3121) or email our Senators today and tell them to call for an FBI investigation into allegations of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh before his confirmation hearing.

Victims’ stories matter. The truth matters.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling to Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski vote NO on Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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