End Trump's cruel zero tolerance anti-immigration policy

H.R. 1, the very first piece of legislation introduced to the new House, is a sweeping piece of government accountability and democracy reform. It’s so big that we’ll spend several actions over the next week breaking it down for the OD Action community…

…starting with Donald Trump’s tax returns.

H.R. 1 focuses on strengthening the financial ethics of our leaders, providing much-needed transparency into their personal financial interests. This begins with requiring that presidential and vice-presidential candidates release 10 years of tax returns, which would then be posted for public viewing and examination for conflict of interest.

Can we get a “yes, please” on H.R. 1?

H.R. 1 goes beyond Trump’s tax returns in establishing financial ethics:

  • It stops “revolving door” politics that allow corporate lobbyists to influence legislation, and former politicians to quickly slide into well-paid influencer positions;
  • It prevents tax-payer money from being used to settle sexual harassment cases or purchase first-class tickets;
  • It includes the Supreme Court, so that all three branches of federal government can be held to the same high standards of ethical code and takes measures to ensure that no official will be above the law.

We want H.R. 1 passed in full — without being watered down — to help Democrats crack down on rampant corruption in Washington.

And if your Representative is a Republican, remind them that it was Trump, after all, who campaigned to “drain the swamp.” Two years later, isn’t it time for the GOP start cleaning up the muck?


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