Texas AG admits Biden would’ve won state without suppression

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Top Stories for June 6:

Texas attorney general admits Trump would have lost the state in 2020 if he hadn’t blocked mail-in voting

Republican Ken Paxton said the quiet part out loud, acknowledging that, even in Texas, the GOP can’t win without cheating.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: A couple of presidents chat about the impact of the Affordable Care Act

For President Biden’s weekly conversation, he called a friend.

Are you tired of right wing propaganda having a stranglehold in our most desperate communities? Conservatives create problems and ignore the issues Americans’ REALLY care about.

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Trump’s chief of staff pressed the Justice Department to investigate the bizarre conspiracy theory that people in Italy meddled in the 2020 election using military satellites
The tyrannical degree to which the disgraced ex-president abused America’s legal system for political gain is only now coming to light.

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Trump re-emerges to dwell on 2020 during North Carolina event aimed at helping Republicans in 2022
GOP candidates hoped the disgraced ex-president would try to help them win, but all he did was whine about himself.

Trump appeared to have his suit pants on backwards during North Carolina really
Not touching this one.

Federal judge overturns California assault weapons ban
The Bush appointee’s twisted version of freedom and the constitution will cost lives.

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Georgia’s Kemp booed and Raffensperger censured at state GOP convention
The Republican Party is being torn apart from within. You love to see it.

White House disavows knowledge of gag order on New York Times leaders in leak inquiry
The administration also announced that the Justice Department was formally changing its leak investigation policy to ban seizures of reporters’ phone and email records in an effort to uncover their sources.

Jared Kushner reportedly wants “a simpler relationship” with Trump and has “mostly dropped out” of orbit of ex-campaign advisors
This will make things awkward if they end up as cellmates.


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