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Progressive SF DA ousted in recall after right-wing crime fearmongering

Top Stories for June 8:

In wake of horrifying mass shooting, Texas moves to ban children from attending…drag shows

A viral video of children at a drag show in Dallas has prompted State Rep. Bryan Slaton to file legislation “protecting kids from drag shows and other inappropriate displays.”

Take Action: Tell the Senate to pass the Equality Act for Pride Month!

Matthew McConaughey chokes up at press briefing on guns

The actor, who hails from Uvalde, gave a heartbreaking speech against gun violence at the White House on Tuesday.

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Republicans pull DISGUSTING stunt on gun reforms

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unreal.

Supreme Court sides with workers in surprise ruling against Southwest
In an 8-0 decision, the Supreme Court decided that Southwest Airlines must face a class-action lawsuit from baggage handlers over overtime pay and cannot force it into private arbitration.

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Three Arizona police officers are placed on leave after looking on as a man drowned
Three police officers stood by and did nothing while a Black man, unable to swim, pleaded for help. Once again, the police prove themselves unwilling to help people in need.

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Kansas woman accused of leading all-female ISIS battalion in Syria pleads guilty
An American woman from Kansas pleaded guilty Tuesday to assisting ISIS while in Syria, including by organizing and leading an all-female military battalion on behalf of the terrorist group.

New reporting reveals how the Houston Texans enabled and shielded quarterback Deshaun Watson’s serial sexual predation

Watson, who was recently signed to a staggering $230 million contract, has been sued by 24 massage therapists who allege serious sexual misconduct and assault. Watson engage 66 massage therapists over a 17-month period and the Texans organization allegedly provided NDAs for the women to sign, raising serious questions about what they knew about his despicable behavior.

If we don’t act now, then when? So much is at stake

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House candidate Carl Paladino shared conspiracy theories on Facebook that Buffalo and Uvalde tragedies were false flags
GOP operative Carl Paladino, infamous for making disgustingly racist statements about Michelle Obama, is now claiming that the Texas school shooter was “hypnotized” by the CIA.

Man says he was wrongly jailed for 17 days after American Airlines falsely identified him as a burglary suspect
An Arizona man alleged this week that he was wrongly jailed for 17 days after American Airlines falsely identified him as a burglary suspect to police. In his lawsuit, passenger Michael Lowe said he endured more than two weeks of an “unending nightmare” in a New Mexico jail as a result of the airline’s alleged actions.

Housing affordability collapses at fastest clip on record
Housing affordability dropped by 29% last year, the largest drop in US history. Gas. houses, healthcare; it’s hard to see how everyday Americans can afford anything at this rate.

Transgender athletes banned from women’s sports in Louisiana
The rising tide of institutionalized anti-LGBTQ bigotry continues to unfold at a terrifying pace.


American carnage

American greed


Today’s Action: Pass the Equality Act for Pride Month!

June is Pride Month, the time we pay tribute to those involved in the Stonewall riots of 1969, celebrate our LGBTQ+ communities, and spotlight the ongoing fight for true equality.

Waves of transphobic and homophobic legislation have been advancing through GOP-controlled state legislatures throughout the country, while the Equality Act is unsurprisingly stuck in the muck that is the US Senate. Most recently, the Ohio House of Representatives jammed an anti-trans amendment into an unrelated bill close to midnight — one that would allow genital inspections on minors who are “accused” of being transgender. 

Conservatives will only continue to be emboldened by Donald Trump’s normalization of brazen discrimination, attempting to undo decades of hard-fought progress. The best way to show support this Pride Month is demanding our senators pass the Equality Act immediately, and finally deliver basic protections to LGBTQ+ people.

Call (202.224.3121) or email your senators and tell them to join 72% of Americans in supporting H.R. 5, the Equality Act this Pride Month!

Anti-LGBTQ+ bills ramrodded through state legislatures go against best practices defined by leading medical professionals and wage war on already marginalized, vulnerable youth. Hundreds of bigoted, anti-LGBTQ+ bills have made the rounds in state legislatures this year alone. In Idaho, lawmakers threatened to jail librarians who “let” minors check out “harmful” materials (the only content mentioned was LGBTQ+, of course.) Legislation that the Human Rights Campaign called “the most anti-transgender legislative package ever passed” made it all the way to the desk of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey for signature this year. We cannot allow our elected officials to continue normalizing oppression and legalizing hate.

This draconian legislation is not just simply designed to deny basic protections to LGBTQ+ people, it is openly encouraging power-hungry GOP ringleaders to wage war on their very existence. Conservatives have been scapegoating and persecuting the oppressed for centuries under the guise of religious freedom. The ability to persecute others is not something that makes America “free.” What is important is the ability for all, regardless of identity, to live an equitable life. We clearly have a long way to go to fulfill that promise. Enough is enough. 

Email or call (202.224.3121) your senators and demand they pass the Equality Act!


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