Texts show Giuliani cronies stalking Amb. Yovanovich


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Demand Trump end his deforestation scheme that pads his rich friends’ pockets and threatens our planet!


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Newly released texts from Giuliani collaborator appear to show them stalking Amb. Yovanovich

The ominous messages also included an offer to “help” deal with her…”for a price.”

Take Action: Indict Giuliani after his associates were arrested for criminally conspiring to help him and Trump!

4 takeaways from the final Democratic debate before the Iowa Caucuses
The top candidates to take down Trump squared off one final time before the voting began.

Take Action: Tell Congress to ban dark money from campaigns so we can have verifiable elections and a REAL democracy!

“The best new podcast for Democrats”

Check out this week’s episode: The truth behind Trump’s infantile aggression against Iran

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: McConnell publicly announces new scheme to rig Senate impeachment trial

If the Democrats want witnesses, the Republican Leader intends to turn the trial into a total circus.

Take Action: Tell the U.S. Senate to consider the overwhelming evidence for impeachment and CONVICT DONALD TRUMP!

House to vote today on sending Trump impeachment articles to Senate
The House vote naming impeachment managers will trigger a Senate trial.

McConnell admits defeat in plot to dismiss impeachment, trial to begin next week
The president’s worst fears are about to become reality with the Majority Leader’s reluctant concession.

Senate Sgt.-at-Arms introduces “stunning” new restrictions on media coverage at impeachment trial
Reporters were aghast at the new regulations keeping the American people from full access to the most important trial in decades.

Election year is here!

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Kaine says he has 51 votes for Iran war powers resolution
The bill to reign in Trump’s war mongering cannot be filibustered or be vetoed if passed.

Take Action: Tell Congress to defund Trump’s march to war with Iran — NOW!

Wisconsin appeals court puts voter rolls purge on hold
The judge’s ruling is a major win for democracy against Republican voter suppression.

Oakland cops bring out assault rifles and armored vehicles to evict 4 Black homeless mothers
The terrifying show of force against Oakland’s most vulnerable citizens sparked widespread outrage.

Rouhani warns foreign forces in Middle East ‘may be in danger’
Iranian president’s remarks come after UK, France and Germany challenged Tehran over breaking limits of nuclear deal.


Today’s Action: Tell your Senators to demand witnesses at Trump’s trial

Now that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has transmitted the two impeachment articles to the Senate, Trump’s trial is expected to begin next week. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) goal is clear: limit the procedure in order to frame Trump in the best possible light for a brisk acquittal.

But we have something else in mind: transparency and the truth. This trial MUST include the key witnesses that Trump blocked from testifying before the House since exposing the truth of his crimes is dangerous for his presidency (and his ego).

Call or email your Senators and demand they vote to include new witnesses in Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial. Have an extra ten minutes to amplify your voice? Write a letter to your Senators, but send it to your local newspaper editor for publication!

It isn’t just Democrats who see the vital need to include witnesses in this otherwise sham of a trial. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) says she wants to see the testimony of those Trump and McConnell want to silence and is fighting to make it happen. Republican Senator Mitt Romney also says he’s open to it. We only need four Republicans to join Democrats in voting for subpoena to bring a vital witness to Trump’s trial, and we’re half way there.

Transparency in our highest office in the land is so infinitely more important than so-called partisan politics. Our Senators have taken a vow to uphold the Constitution, and this includes conducting a fair and open impeachment trial. The phone call you make today could be the tipping point to gathering those simple-majority votes needed to subpoena those whom Trump and McConnell want to keep silenced.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Senators and demand they support a fair and open impeachment trial by voting to include new witnesses. Make your opinion count even more by sending a letter to your local newspaper editor, calling out your Senators by name.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to demand Trump end his deforestation scheme that pads his rich friends’ pockets and threatens our planet, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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