“This is over” — Trump aides admit “we lost”

Tell Congress and states: Abolish the Electoral College once and for all!


Top Stories for November 7:

Trump campaign aides privately acknowledge the obvious: “This is over”

Inside the Trump campaign’s headquarters, a painful reality has begun to sink in.

Take Action: Charge Trump and his family for corrupt profiteering off the presidency!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News reporter forcefully debunks Trump’s entire fraud claim on air

The president’s favorite news network flatly rejected his campaign’s bogus claims that the whole election has been rigged against Trump.

Trump implodes in fatal misstep ahead of election

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: He finally went too far.

Joe Biden is preparing for the White House
Biden spoke directly to the American people and assured them that both he and Kamala Harris were actively working on their inevitable transition to power, adding, “We don’t have any more time to waste on partisan warfare.”

Trump has told people he has no plans to concede when he loses
“I will never give up fighting,” the outgoing Oval Office occupant said.

Biden shows uniting leadership in Friday night address to the nation
“We’re not enemies, we’re Americans,” the presumptive 46th president said.

Senate control to be decided by two Georgia runoff races
Two Senate seats in a Biden state will determine which party will lead the Senate next year.

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Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows infected with virus, told others not to disclose his condition
Meadows, who two weeks ago declared the US would not control the pandemic, tested positive on Wednesday. At least four other White House officials have also been infected in the latest outbreak to hit the Trump administration.

Take Action: Tell the press to call out Trump and his cronies for their deadly lies about the pandemic!

Steve Bannon loses lawyer after suggesting beheading of Fauci
Bannon, a former adviser to Trump who is known for his right-wing extremism, suggested Thursday that FBI Director Christopher Wray and Dr. Anthony Fauci should be beheaded, and Twitter responded by banning his account.

Trump tweet taunting Hillary’s dignified election defeat comes back to haunt him
There really is a tweet for everything.


Today’s Action: Celebration rallies TODAY – and more ballot curing this weekend!

The results of the election still have not been finalized. But look. Come on. The writing is on the wall (not a literal wall, a metaphorical wall, like the one Mexico paid for).

And while we wait for the exact voter counts, the close races in Georgia and Arizona are particularly worth celebrating. Georgia hasn’t gone blue since 1992. And only one Democratic candidate has won Arizona in the past 70 years – Looks like Joe will be the second.

But Trump is still working to undermine the results of the election with false claims of voter fraud and a refusal to commit to a transition of any kind. So this weekend, we’ve got TWO actions for you!

Attend a #VotersDecided rally near you!

Today, progressives around the country are gathering for combo celebration-and-count-every-vote rallies. The GOP will fight until January 20th to throw out legally cast votes in order to steal this election. But our party is fighting to count EVERY vote and honor what the voters have decided! Search for the event nearest you, and remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing!

Help ballot curing in Nevada and North Carolina!

Our path forward is counting every vote, every election…and that includes helping voters who have been caught by GOP voter suppression or under-funded election offices! Nevada and North Carolina have thousands of rejected Democratic ballots. The local Democratic parties need your help contacting those voters before the deadline to submit corrections. Remember, more is at stake than just the Presidential election: a Senate seat in North Carolina, a House seat in Nevada, and MANY down-ballot races are still up for grabs, and every Democratic vote counts! Sign up to make calls for ballot curing in Nevada and North Carolina!

Choose one or both actions to take this weekend…and thank you for continuing to fight for democracy in this country, even though many of our leaders won’t!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling the press to call Trump out on his dangerous lies about Biden and the election, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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