Tell judges to throw out Trump’s frivolous election lawsuits!

Joe Biden is our President-elect! Every major news network and the majority of the American people have accepted the election results. The exception? Trump, of course. 

Trump refuses to concede, because his back-up plan was always to erratically bully his way into a second term by flooding our courts with frivolous, unfounded lawsuits. Some have already been thrown out due to complete lack of evidence or justification…but others are still taking up space and begging for the same response.

Add your name to tell federal and state judges to throw out Trump’s frivolous, reckless election lawsuits. He has no evidence of voter fraud, and it’s time for him to face the facts.

Bullies get their way by intimidating, threatening, and forcing themselves on their opponents. But the American people fought back, refusing to allow this pathological liar any more time in the White House. 

It is incomprehensible for a man who has existed outside of reality his entire life to understand he was defeated by honest results. And so his solution is to keep lying to attempt to win. But we’ve got his number…and so do the judges who have already thrown out half his cases.

Finish the election. Dismiss the lawsuits.

Sign here to tell federal and state judges to reject Trump’s time-wasting, delusional lawsuits. 


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