Top human rights lawyer: Trump could face Crimes Against Humanity charges

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Top human rights lawyer says Americans could face Crimes Against Humanity accusations over Trump’s Syria betrayal

When a full accounting of the Trump administration is finally had, when the world truly comes to grips with the immense damage this trumped-up conman has inflicted on the world and the moral calculus is carried to its damning terminus the president’s treatment of the Kurds will surely rank as his greatest betrayal and evilest act.

To recap: the President of the United States, for no clear reason, moved a detachment of American troops so that the bloodthirsty Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan could invade Northeast Syria with the second-largest army in NATO and slaughter our Turkish allies, the brave people whose mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, died fighting ISIS. Beyond the obvious moral considerations, no American geopolitical objective was accomplished by this move. It was evil for evil’s sake.

Since our president is Donald Trump though, simply betraying our allies was not enough. Our odious leader has been smearing the Kurds since he first made his disastrous decision, repeatedly implying that they deserve what Erdogan is doing to them.… [more]

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