GOP House leader makes ABSURD defense of Trump riot

Stop Republican measures that crack down on our First Amendment rights to protest!


Top Stories for April 26:

Kevin McCarthy flip flops on Trump’s role in MAGA insurrection, laughably absolves former president

The disgraced ex-president’s death grip on a spineless GOP is as firm as it’s ever been.

Take Action: Arrest and charge every insurgent involved with the Trump-inspired MAGA coup on the Capitol!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lindsey Graham gives most cringeworthy comment possible live on air

Good news, everyone! The elections of Barack Obama and Kamala Harris officially ended racism in America!

Take Action: Add your name to tell the Senate to join the House in passing the NO BAN act to stop future racist bans like Trump’s disgraceful Muslim ban!

Republicans HUMILIATE themselves while opposing DC statehood

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This is beyond parody.

Vaccine maker CEO sold $10 million in stock before company ruined Johnson & Johnson doses
Emergent BioSolutions’ stock price has fallen sharply since the disclosure in March that production problems had ruined 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, but not before CEO Robert G. Kramer sold $10 million in stock according to securities filings.

Newark, New Jersey police didn’t fire a single shot in 2020 following major reforms
Sweeping police reforms followed a July 2014 investigation that concluded there was a “pattern and practice of unconstitutional policing by the Newark Police Department.”

Joe Manchin breaking with Biden on infrastructure, says he favors “more targeted” bill

The West Virginia Democrat is balking at his party’s efforts to pass a transformative infrastructure package via reconciliation, insisting that Biden come up with a plan that can garner support from a GOP that continues to openly question the legitimacy of his presidency.

Take Action: Tell Joe Manchin to stop doing Republicans’ bidding and let the Democratic majority govern!

Donald Trump Jr. and Lauren Boebert slammed for spreading lies about supposed Biden meat rationing
Republicans are so desperate for political traction against President Biden they’re resorting to imaginary controversies over policies that simply do not exist.

Take Action: Tell America’s TV networks to STOP IGNORING CLIMATE CHANGE!

Meet the group that’s poised to oust Marjorie Taylor Greene and her cronies in 2022

OD Action Partner: The wannabe founder of the KKK Caucus’s 15 minutes of fame are up. Support No Dem Left Behind in their crucial work to flip red seats like Greene’s in 2022.

Trump adviser ridiculed over his absurd claim that Biden will force people to drink “plant-based” beer
Not to be outdone by young whippersnappers Don Jr. and Boebert, former Trump adviser Larry Kudlow warned Americans that soon they’ll have to give up their beloved meat-based beer in favor of inferior brews made from god-forsaken plants.

Major civil rights group calls on Justice Department to suspend local police grants
The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund wants Attorney General Merrick Garland to suspend grants to local law enforcement until the DOJ is sure that no federal taxpayer money is funding police departments that engage in discrimination.

Anti-Trump conservative group to grade GOP lawmakers on whether they uphold or undermine democracy
Spoiler alert — they’re definitely going to undermine it.

Mike Pence’s rule-busting pandemic ski vacation cost public $757,000 in security costs alone
The former VP’s opulent family trip to Vail last year broke all sorts of federal safety guidelines and cost US taxpayers a staggering sum for the 48 Secret Service agents that accompanied him.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Tell Congress to expand the Supreme Court!

Not so fun fact: five of the six conservative Justices on the Supreme Court were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote when they took office. And that’s arguably not even the worst part.

In 2016, Republicans unconstitutionally stonewalled President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee for 293 days, refusing to hold hearings, and ultimately passing the open seat to President Trump.

Then, in the days leading up to the 2020 election, Republicans jammed through a historically unpopular Supreme Court justice, in a historically short period of time. They succeeded by ignoring their own voters’ opinions, their own precedent, their own committee rules, and all other legislative needs including pandemic relief.

The result: a court that should be 5-4 left-leaning majority is now a 6-3 extreme right-wing majority. Democrats MUST fight back. It’s time to expand the Supreme Court.

Call or email your Members of Congress and demand they support the expansion of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court as it stands is wildly unrepresentative of the American people (1/3 of those seats were filled by Trump, who lost both popular votes) and set to cripple us with damaging conservative opinions on climate change, voter rights, women’s and LGBTQ+ rights, and healthcare for decades to come.

What’s more, the number of Supreme Court justice seats is not Constitutionally mandated and has fluctuated over the history of our country. Changing the number again now has precedent AND would allow for more accurate representation.

We must urge our leaders to take this necessary step to protect us from Mitch McConnell’s coup of our highest court.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand they restore balance and representation to the Supreme Court by expanding its numbers.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Democrats to expand the Supreme Court, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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