Top Trump allies investigated for instigating coup attempt

Tell Ted Cruz to resign for leaving the country when his constituents needed help most!


Top Stories for February 21:

Feds investigating Roger Stone, Alex Jones over roles in Trump’s coup attempt

The right wing instigators no longer have a corrupt president to get them off.

Take Action: Add your name to demand Trump and his network be prosecuted for their crimes.

President Biden declares major disaster for much of Texas following severe winter storm
The move unlocks federal money for the state after a dayslong freeze resulted in deaths, power outages and boil water orders.

Take Action: Tell Ted Cruz to resign for leaving the country when his constituents needed help most!

A Unique Way to Support Planned Parenthood

OD Action Sponsor: For over 100 years, Planned Parenthood has provided high-quality and affordable health care. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make it difficult to go to in-person health care appointments, their app, Planned Parenthood Direct, makes it possible to get birth control and other prescriptions delivered straight to your home.

Not only does the app make life easier—it benefits Planned Parenthood at a time when many organizations are facing the challenges of COVID-19. Choosing to get your prescriptions through the app is a great way to support the organization at-large. Download the app today!

Republicans struggle to derail increasingly popular stimulus package
The strategy to rebuild their party is to unite against a popular president and popular views; then to suppress the vote to the extent that none of it matters.

Take Action: Tell President Biden and Democrats in Congress not to cave to Republican demands for a weaker relief bill!

Merrick Garland commits to overseeing “prosecution of white supremacists” who stormed Capitol
On the eve of his confirmation hearing, the man who had a Supreme Court seat stolen from him has made clear that there will soon be a new sheriff in town.

Golfer Michelle Wie fires back at Giuliani after he recounts story of leering at her “panties”

The 5-time LGPA winner gave Trump’s lecherous crony the thrashing he deserves for his disgusting behavior.

Three people killed, two injured, in shooting at gun store in Louisiana
Only in America.

Take Action: Tell Republicans: Join Democrats to pass common sense, BIPARTISAN gun violence protection laws NOW!

Trump to address CPAC on future of Republican Party
The disgraced ex-president is determined to take his party down with him.

Aide to Michigan Republican who called Trump’s coup attempt a hoax quits to work for Democratic AG
The number of reasonable people willing to work in the Republican Party is fast approaching zero.

Democrats offer bills to boost IRS audits of rich, corporations
If passed, the bill could bring in more than a trillion dollars in revenue from super wealthy tax cheats without raising taxes.

How Texans affected by severe winter storms can apply for federal disaster assistance
FEMA said the assistance can include grants for temporary housing, home repairs, and low-cost loans.

Making demockery of democracy…

United by cruelty…

Hope (as Ted Cruz was shamed into being in Texas)…

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