Top Trump official blames him for over 100,000 deaths

Arrest Donald Trump.


Top Stories for March 29:

Dr. Birx recalls “very difficult” call with Trump, says hundreds of thousands of pandemic deaths were preventable

The disgraced ex-president prematurely pushed for the country to reopen, pitched unproven treatments for the virus, and routinely questioned the need to wear masks despite surging death tolls.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Chris Wallace calls out Republican on air for lying about Georgia’s ban on water in voting lines

A former lackey of Sen. Mitch McConnell tried spinning Georgia’s racist new election laws right past Fox News’s Wallace but the anchor wasn’t having any of it.

Republicans pull horrific NEW stunt in Georgia

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: We’ve reached the bottom.

Arkansas governor signs bill allowing medical workers to refuse treatment to LGBTQ people
Opponents of the law, including the Human Rights Campaign and the ACLU, have said it will allow doctors to refuse to offer a host of services for LGBTQ patients.

Take Action: Add your name to support Rep Courtney’s bill to prevent workplace violence!

GOP’s invented “border crisis” is just a political distraction, immigration activists say
White nationalist Stephen Miller and his fellow Republicans hope to turn a predictable seasonal uptick in migrant arrivals into a political weapon for the 2022 midterm elections.

“Changed hearts and minds”: Biden’s historic stimulus funding tweaks red state Medicaid expansion resistance
About 2.2 million people curretly earn too much for Medicaid and too little for Obamacare subsidies, but in a dozen red states the appetite to finally expand Medicaid with federal funding is growing.

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Trump crashes Mar-a-Lago wedding to whine about election loss
Of course he did.

Jury set to hear opening arguments in Derek Chauvin trial
The prosecution and defense will make their opening arguments in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin today. The trial is starting in earnest 10 months after George Floyd’s killing triggered outrage and protests against racial inequality across the United States.

Fox News host complains about Biden’s weekend trips back home to Delaware, throws pity party with Eric Trump
The younger Trump casually claimed his father “fixed” the border situation while conveniently overlooking the egregious number of days the ex-president spent vacationing at his various properties.

WHO report says animals likely source of virus, not lab accident
The findings offer little new insight into how the virus began to spread around the globe and many questions remain unanswered, and researchers proposed further research in every area except the lab leak hypothesis.

“He’s toast”: GOP leaves Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger twisting in the wind
The Georgia GOPer who dared to stand up against Trump’s onslaught of lies is up against serious resistance within his own party.


This is America…



Today’s Action: Schedule a meeting with your reps…it’s Congressional recess!

Our Members of Congress have left Washington D.C. and are now at home in-state (unless Ted Cruz flew to Cancun again…) It’s Congressional recess, and our best chance to connect and push on the topics we need to see move forward!

This week, it’s vital we hit up our MoC’s on major issues that need a little more support to cross the finish line. So every day, we’ll be featuring a different way to get your MoC’s attention! Starting with…

Schedule a meeting with your Members of Congress!

The traditional route hasn’t gone away, even with the pandemic, as many MoC’s now hold virtual meeting options. A personal conversation is one of the best ways to convince your MoC’s just how big the demand for any given topic is. Know that you might end up meeting with a member of their staff – and that’s good, too!

  • Schedule a meeting. Call or email your MoC’s offices (or check their website for meeting request submission forms, enter your address to pull up your rep’s website) for meeting availability. Expect anywhere between 5-15 minutes if you are confirmed.
  • Plan your asks. Choose 1-3 topics to speak passionately on, and make sure your calls-to-action are crystal clear (ex: “I want you to put pressure on your colleagues to abolish the filibuster.”) We suggest the following topics:
  • Put it in writing. Keep it to 1-2 pages, and deliver it to your MoC or their staff at the end of your meeting (or via email, if virtual). Don’t depend on their note-taking!
  • Share on social media. Snap a photo if you can, and share a summary of your meeting and asks on social media…be sure to tag your rep!

Put in your requests to meet with your MoC’s today! But in case you don’t get scheduled, we’ll see you tomorrow for your planning your next approach to getting their attention.

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