Transcript reveals Trump Jr’s role in Ukraine plot

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Today’s Top Stories:

Key impeachment witness transcript reveals Trump Jr.’s role in setting up Ukraine-Biden dirt plot

The stunning testimony transcript exposes how the President’s son helped orchestrate the smear campaign against a key obstacle to Giuliani’s dirt-digging mission.

Take Action: Make Donald Trump Jr. to testify before the Senate about his secret meeting with Russian operatives!

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox Judge gives Trump terrible news about his tax returns

Even the conservative legal analyst acknowledged that the president has to… wait for it… comply with the law.

Take Action: Demand IRS release Trump’s tax returns to the Ways & Means Committee as required BY LAW!

Schiff responds to Trump officials refusing subpoenas: thanks for building my case for me!
As two more White House officials refuse to testify, the House intel chief warned them they were digging themselves deeper into the hole.

Appeals court agrees Trump tax returns can be turned over
The ruling is a major blow to the president’s efforts to conceal his corrupt financial dealings.

Trump caps off surreal World Series winner’s event with bizarre spooning hug to player
Impeachment jokes was only part of the weirdness Trump had in store for the World Series champs.

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The return of “covfefe”: Trump revives his mysterious lingo in morning tweet
The president continues to try to convince people that his original “covfefe” tweet wasn’t just a stupid mistake, but gets caught in his lie.

Trump claims he “doesn’t know” his ex-Ukraine ambassador despite trashing her on call with Zelensky
The president’s selective amnesia about his former diplomat comes after her devastating testimony before the House impeachment inquiry.

Milwaukee mayor blames Trump’s hateful rhetoric after Hispanic man is attacked with acid, told “go back to your country”
After a horrifying attack in which the perpetrator yelled “go back to your country” as he threw his acid, Mayor Tom Barrett knows just who to blame.

New report on Don Jr.’s Ukraine business deals shows hypocrisy of Trump’s Biden smear
While the president accuses Hunter Biden of corruption for his Ukraine business dealings, his own son’s activities there come under scrutiny.

Sean Hannity slams Fox News’ polling because it shows Trump is deeply unpopular
Classic Republican — didn’t like the truth so he attacked the source.

Amid impeachment drive, the pro-Trump search for dirt on Ukraine and the Bidens goes on
Those working in common cause with the president’s and Giuliani’s campaign to get Ukraine to investigate Trump’s political opponents are moving ahead.


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