Congressman leaves GOP over Trump’s unchecked power

Close the camps! Stop Trump's plot to imprison migrant children indefinitely


Today’s Action: Productive patriotism on July 4th

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Congressman leaves Republican Party over Trump’s unchecked power

Rep. Amash, the only Republican in Congress to call for impeachment, has had enough.

An incredulous judge smacks Trump down over tweet defying his court order
The judge lost his patience when he realized that the Trump administration lawyers didn’t really know what was going on.

Take Action: Stop Trump’s scheme to take citizenship away from naturalized Americans!


Trump accidentally exposes why his concentration camp conditions are so harsh in telling tweet

The president let the cat out of the bag in a stunning display of cruelty.

Take Action: End gerrymandering that cheats voters and gives Republicans an unfair advantage!

Military chiefs have concerns about politicization of Trump’s July 4th event
If the President turns what is meant to be celebration into an overtly political event, he could put military personnel in the position of violating Defense Department guidelines.

Trump contradicts his own team in delusional, whiny outburst about census question

The issue was put to rest – but it appears nobody told the president…

Take Action: Demand Congress investigate credible allegations of rape against Donald Trump!

President Trump slaps tariffs on solar panels in major blow to renewable energy
In the biggest blow he’s dealt to the renewable energy industry yet, President Donald Trump decided on Monday to slap tariffs on imported solar panels.

Resist in style with progressive gifts and gear from Resistance Merch

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CBS, ABC, NBC announce they won’t cover Trump’s 4th of July event
The networks are refusing to be used as cogs in Trump’s propaganda machine.

Today’s Action: Productive patriotism on July 4th

Happy Independence Day! We wish everyone in the OD Action community a safe and fun day of barbeques, fireworks, and family.

For many Americans, this day is tough. July 4, 1776 was our country’s day of independence, yes…but not for many at the time. Not for native tribal nations, enslaved Africans, or women who fought nearly a century and a half for the right to vote.

243 years later, there will be no celebration of independence for asylum seekers denied America’s promise and inmates of concentration camps as our extremist president resort to unspeakable tactics to keep out immigrants in need — the very people who built our nation from day one. Still others may shoot fireworks even as they face systemic sexism, racism, homophobia, and voter suppression, battling to make their voices heard and their lives matter in their own country.

But here’s where we, at OD Action, feel EXTREMELY patriotic: we have the ability and the right to fight for those hurting, to help those in need, to elevate disenfranchised voices, and to use every resource to elect leaders who will listen to the will of the people.

Today, we encourage you to celebrate the rights you have – and let the fireworks light a spark in you to keep up the battle for those rights for which you are still fighting.

Helping disenfranchised citizens gain access to voting is one the best ways to take action in ensuring our country’s wealth of resources is available for ALL. More voters to shut out Trump and McConnell in 2020. More voters to overturn gerrymandering. More voters to elect leaders who want to stop our endless wars abroad. That’s the kind of patriotism we are need.

Writing letters to unregistered voters is one of the most effective AND convenient methods to building Democratic voting blocs…and the good folks of Vote Forward make it easy enough to tackle five letters before you can say “potato salad.”

This July 4th, sign up to write letters to future Democratic voters in key states, encouraging them to register to vote and sending the info they need to make it happen! You just need a few stamps, envelopes, and a printer…send a few letters today before you head off to your afternoon festivities!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to close the camps and stop Trump’s plot to imprison migrant children indefinitely, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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