Trump blames media for his own failure on economy

Tell Congress: Reject Trump's racist, environment-destroying border wall!


Today’s Action: Eliminate the Senate filibuster

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Trump accuses the media of trying to tank the economy in delusional tweet

The president reached a new level of pathetic in his latest attempt to pass the buck.

Take Action: Demand Trump end his ill-thought trade war with China that is hurting American families

Appeals court rules Trump administration must provide hygiene products at migrant facilities
This regime needed a court order to allow children to wash.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Minnesota farmer breaks down on air over Trump’s trade war

A Minnesota farmer falls apart on national television over Trump’s trade war.

My Own Words — by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

OD Action Pick: Get the bestselling memoir that Harper’s Bazaar calls “a comprehensive look inside her brilliantly analytical, entertainingly wry mind, revealing the fascinating life of one of our generation’s most influential voices in both law and public opinion.”

Netanyahu blocks Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting Israel
Trump urged the prime minister to stop the two Muslim members of Congress from visiting.

Trump mocks appearance of rally protester: ‘That guy’s got a serious weight problem’

Trump mocks the weight of a protester who briefly interrupted his rally in Manchester, N.H.

Take Action: Demand Trump take responsibility for his hateful rhetoric and stop inciting violent attacks!

A top adviser reveals that Trump is considering buying the island of Greenland
Frustrated with his lack of legislative victories, the Republican President is looking for a win in an unlikely place.

Don Jr. and Eric Trump racked up nearly $250,000 in Secret Service costs in one month, watchdog says
Taxpayers footed the bill for hundreds of thousands of dollars in hotels, airfare and other costs for Secret Service protection.

Trump praises N.H. lawmaker who called for shooting Hillary Clinton
Trump praised a New Hampshire Republican who previously called for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be shot by firing squad.

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Trump order may open California’s Giant Sequoia Nat’l Monument to development
Trump’s new executive order that threatens to rescind, shrink or resize dozens of recent national monument designations, including seven in California.

The Mayor of El Paso reveals that Trump trashed him during mass shooting visit
In a time of grief and tragedy, the president could only see politics.

WH officials look at executive privilege for Lewandowski, who never worked at the White House
House Democrats authorized a subpoena for Lewandowski last month!

Inside the ongoing war over Ohio’s extreme voter purge system
A new Republican secretary of state has introduced new measures that, in theory, could help prevent eligible voters from losing their ballot access.

Today’s Action: Eliminate the Senate filibuster

Why is Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren calling for the end of the filibuster in the Senate? Because she’s seen the destruction up close. As a U.S. Senator, she’s watched the complete shutdown of our legislative and democratic process, thanks to its continued abuse under Mitch McConnell and the GOP.

In the Senate, the period for debate on legislation has no automatic cut-off; 60 (out of 100) votes are required to end debate and move on to the actual vote. What does this mean? That a minority of 41 votes can keep the period of debate endlessly open, effectively killing any shot for legislation that would pass the actual vote with a simple majority of 51.

Like making lynching a federal offense…which was killed over 200 times and took nearly 100 years to pass the Senate in 2018, thanks to filibustering, racist, conservative Senators.

Call or email your Senators and your favorite presidential candidate, and tell them you support ending the filibuster. Demand the Senate embrace actual democratic practices where the majority’s voice can move forward with common-sense public demands.

So many basic popular voter demands, such as background checks for gun purchases, combating climate change, and consumer-friendly healthcare reform, would easily pass the Senate with a simple majority. But time and time again, they have been shut down due by the filibuster, no small part in thanks to Mitch McConnell’s abject glee for the tool.

The filibuster was never intended by our nation’s Founders. Rather it is a loophole in rules providing for unlimited Senate debate that were exploited to preserve segregation and legally mandated bigotry in the 20th century. Over the last hundred years its use has grown to frequently deny the will of the majority.

If our future Democratic president and Senate are to have any chance of undoing the damage of the last three years, he or she will need a way through the historic block of GOP Senators who’ve built their careers on the legacy of white supremacy. And that means ending the filibuster, once and for all.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Senators and your presidential candidate of choice, and demand they work to end the filibuster in the Senate…because, right now, our legislative body in the land is utterly unwilling to be democratic.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to tell Congress to reject Trump’s racist, environment-destroying border wall, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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